Lenovo unveiled L27i-40 and L24m-40 monitors

During the CES 2023 event, Lenovo unveiled two home monitors, L27i-40 and L24m-40, which of course, due to its design, provide the user with the possibility of use in different work spaces.

The L27i-40 monitor is a new generation of 27-inch Lenovo monitors, whose IPS panel has a very small margin on three sides, and according to Lenovo, it has found various improvements in the field of sound and image quality.

This monitor uses two internal 3-watt speakers and the coverage of the sRGB color space has been measured at 99%. Devices are connected to this monitor through 2 HDMI ports.

The interesting thing about the L27i-40 monitor is the different design of its base, which will be a place to place a smartphone or a pen and other commonly used accessories.

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