Lenovo and Motorola’s joint phone, ThinkPhone, was unveiled with powerful hardware and a customizable red button

Motorola’s ThinkPhone features a focus on enterprise customers. This phone uses an application called Moto Secure, which is like a hub for remote access to security features. With Moto Secure, you can change your lock screen settings and network alerts. Motorola says its new phone has a proprietary processor called Moto KeySafe that stores PINs and passwords in a secure way.

Thanks to the Think 2 Think system, Think Phone communicates with Lenovo ThinkPad series laptops. The condition for connecting the ThinkPhone to the Thinkpad is to be close to the two devices and connect both to the Wi-Fi network. In addition to the shared clipboard (to copy a photo or text on the phone and paste it on the laptop), you can transfer phone notifications to the laptop. Also, you can use the ThinkPhone as a Lenovo laptop webcam.

Motorola says the ThinkPhone will ship with Android 13 and will receive new Android versions every three years. The price of the Motorola Think Phone has not been announced yet. This phone will be launched in the coming months.

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