Left Brain vs. Right Brain: Is Right Brain and Left Brain True?

Tips to help with intelligence

Mind-stimulating activities: Staying active and engaging in mind-stimulating activities can help improve memory and cognitive function (How to have a creative mind?).

meditation: There is growing evidence that meditation can help reduce age-related cognitive decline.

SportResearch shows that regular exercise can improve episodic memory in the elderly.

sleepAccording to a study published in 2020, too little or too much sleep is linked to faster cognitive decline in adults.

Mind stimulating gamesStudies show that regular use of number puzzles and other mind-stimulating games can improve cognitive performance in people over 50 years old.

diet: Having a healthy and balanced diet is a simple and effective way to slow cognitive decline caused by aging.


The brain is a complex organ with many parts and functions. The right and left sides of the brain work differently and are responsible for different bodily processes. The division of these processes can be different between people. For example, in most right-handed people, the left side of the brain is primarily responsible for language and communication. While this is less common in left-handed people. While the two halves of the brain have different functions, the hemispheres of the brain do not specifically determine a person’s personality and behavior.

common questions

Does each hemisphere of the brain affect personality differently?

While the two hemispheres of the brain have their own areas, they do not influence personality as previously thought. You can’t call yourself right-brained or left-brained, but your personality traits are still uniquely part of your brain.

Are brain hemisphere tests of scientific value?

While brain hemisphere tests or left brain and right brain tests are widely popular, these tests reflect more personal preference than neuroanatomy and are more useful for entertainment. Research has shown that both sides of the brain work together during creative and quantitative tasks.

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