Learning how to remote to another computer with 3 methods

Maybe it happened to you that you want to access your workplace computer; But you are somewhere else or you want to help your friend to solve his computer problem; But you can’t go to his house. What should be done in these situations?

Fortunately, developers have thought about this issue and have developed various software for remote computer control. With the help of these tools, you can easily connect to another person’s computer and use it.

several Programs have been developed for remote computer control, and in this article, we are going to introduce you to the best of them and teach you how to use them.

Depending on the software used, you may need to install it on both the host and client computers. The computer you want to access remotely is called the host and the other is called the client.

Remote computer control with TeamViewer

One of the best remote control software available is TeamViewer. Also, it should be noted that the mentioned program is free for personal use and you can safely get help from it.

This software works on several operating systems including Android, Windows, Linux and iOS. This means that it is compatible not only with all desktops, but also with almost all mobile platforms. Also, the mentioned program runs on web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Edge.

Even if you use the free version, you will have access to many functions and features. With the help of TeamViewer, you can easily connect to another person’s computer and control it remotely.

Next, we will teach you how to control another computer with TeamViewer.

  • After installing TeamViewer, run it.
  • In the opened page, there are various options; But you only work with Allow Remote Control and Control Remote Computer. In the following, we will talk more about these two parts.

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