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YouTube is the largest video sharing platform and the second most popular social network in the world, with the latest statistics having about 2.3 billion users. Almost any video with any subject can be found on YouTube; The platform plays a very important role in online education and business and is used by billions of people every day, but unfortunately users can not download videos directly on this platform without purchasing a paid YouTube subscription. In the following, we will introduce several methods of downloading videos from YouTube.

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Download from YouTube with direct link

Downloading YouTube videos without the use of special software is one of the easiest ways to save videos that is available in all operating systems. Downloading from YouTube with a direct link can be done in two ways:

  • Utility sites download from YouTube

YT5s.comTo download a video from YouTube with the help of, after copying the link of your desired video from YouTube, refer to this address and enter the link in the specified box. Then click on the Start button and after selecting the desired output quality, click on Get Link and after clicking on Download, wait for the video to be downloaded.


Where to enter the URL of the copied video from YouTube


Select the desired output quality


Click Download to download the video

KeepVidKeepVid is one of the oldest video download services from YouTube without the use of software; Follow the steps below to download from KeepVid:

1. Go to the YouTube website and play the video you want.

۲. From the bottom menu of the video, click the Share button and then Copy. The video sharing address is copied to the computer clipboard.


3. Go to the website and enter the Video Downloader menu and then Youtube Video Downloader and enter the link.


4. To download the desired video, click the Best Download button on the new page, or press the Download Other Formats button to change the format and quality of the downloaded video.


  • Use prefixes in the desired video address

Adding a prefix or suffix to a video URL on YouTube is the same as before, except that you no longer need to copy and paste the video URL into another website; In this way, you will be redirected directly to an address that allows you to download the video.

Prefix vdYou can easily download this video by adding the vd prefix to the desired video URL on the YouTube website; Just follow the steps below:

1. First, go to the YouTube website and find the video you are looking for. Then in the address at the top of the page, before the word youtube, write the letters vd and press Enter. This will take you to a download site from YouTube with a direct link.

Download site from YouTube with direct link

۲. In the new website, you can see the link to download the YouTube video, which you can download the desired video with a direct link by selecting the desired quality from the available qualities and formats.

Download site from YouTube with a direct link to vdyoutube

Prefix pwn: Typing pwn at the beginning of a YouTube video link will take you to a website. You can easily download that video:


Add pwn prefix to custom video URL on YouTube

After adding the phrase pwn to your favorite video URL; To a website called Deturl You will be redirected, which allows you to download different formats from different sites. Just click on one of the sites and download the desired format from among the various options.


Deturl website

Download from YouTube with the help of software

Some users prefer to use software to download YouTube videos to their computer online. There are several options for this group of users and they can download any video from YouTube once the software is installed, some of which are introduced below:

4kdownload software

1. To use 4kdownload software, first log in to the program website and download 4K Video Downloader software. This software is for both operating systems Windows And Mac Available. Follow the installation steps like other software on Mac or Windows and then run the software.


۲. Go to the YouTube website and select the video you want. Copy the URL of the page where the video is played and paste it into the 4K Video Downloader software as shown below.


3. From the Format menu, select the format and quality you want. Finally, click the Download button to begin the download process.


4. After downloading the video by 4K Video Downloader software, you can run it from the same software (right click and Play option) or open the download folder and select the file to share or transfer to other folders on the computer (right click And select Show in Folder).


VLC software

Other popular software that can be used to download from YouTube can be: VLC Cited. This open source software is available to users for free and in a few simple steps Windows And Mac, Performs the download operation. If you have a question about how to download from YouTube using VLC, follow these steps:

1. Go to the YouTube website and play the video you want. Then copy the video URL to enter in VLC.

۲. If you do not have VLC software on your computer, download and install it from this link. After running the software, you must use its Network section to download from YouTube.

3. In the Windows VLC version, go to the Media menu and then Open Network Stream. If you are a Mac user, follow the File address and then Open Network.


4. In the window that opens, enter the URL of the video (right click and Paste) and select Play (on Windows) or Open (on Mac). VLC software plays the desired video inside.


5. At this point you need to find the location information of the video. In Windows, go to the Tools menu and then Codec Information, and in Mac, select the Window menu and then Media Information.


6. From the bottom of the window, copy the entire address in the Location field (right-click and Copy in Windows and right-click and Open URL in Mac). In Windows, enter the copied URL in your web browser. On a Mac, the browser opens the address by default.


7. As you can see, the video plays in your browser without opening YouTube, to download the video, right-click on it and select Save video as. The final step is to choose where to store the movie. Do not forget that with this method, it is not possible to select the video quality for download.


Download video from YouTube with the help of Chrome plugin

In addition to utility sites and software, there are extensions for the Chrome browser that allow users to download YouTube videos.

Addoncrop plugin

Addoncrop plugin for Chrome browser is one of the best free plugins for downloading YouTube videos; This plugin was originally released for the Opera browser and can be installed on Chrome thanks to the CrossPilot platform. After installing the plugin and giving permission to use it, a new download icon will appear on the YouTube page next to the Like icon, which you can click to download the videos.


CrossPilot platform for Addoncrop plugin



Allowing you to use the Addoncrop plugin in the Chrome browser


Select different qualities and formats of videos

To select different qualities and formats of videos, just click on the More option, and you can also change its settings by right-clicking on the plugin icon in the browser. For example, you can select display formats to download.

Download from YouTube with Telegram

Telegram is a powerful application with great features. One of these features is various robots that have been created for purposes such as downloading video or music. VideoDownloadBot robot downloads your favorite videos from YouTube.

First, to find the robot, search for the phrase @ VideoDownloadBot in Telegram or go to the robot page; Then press the START button to activate the Telegram robot, now this robot is ready to download videos from YouTube.

Copy the link to your favorite YouTube video and give it to the robot; VideoDownloadBot immediately starts downloading video and then lets you download it on the same page.

Download from YouTube with the help of an application for Android

Many of us sometimes use the phone to watch video; There are dedicated apps for Android to download videos from YouTube. In fact, applications can be considered the most popular method of downloading from YouTube on Android, which due to the large number and variety, users prefer them to web services. One of the most popular services is TubeMate, but its application is not officially available in the Play Store. However, you can download the application directly from the TubeMate website as an APK package.

Follow the steps below to download videos from YouTube using the Tubemate app on Android.

1. After downloading and installing the application, give the application the necessary permissions to access the memory and gallery files.


۲. After running the TubeMate app, you will encounter an environment similar to your YouTube app for Android. As a result, you do not have to work hard to download, you just have to search and find the video you want.

3. After finding and playing the video in the app, click on the red download icon next to the Save button and then select the format and quality you want.

4. After selecting the desired format, by clicking on the red icon in the right menu, the process of downloading the video from YouTube begins. If you encounter messages to download files or other applications during the download process, ignore them. Because TubeMate was free, it makes money by displaying ads. Although the suggested ads are not malware and can be downloaded from the Play Store, you do not need to download them to download the movie from YouTube.

Download from YouTube on iPhone and iPad

Unlike Android phones, the iPhone does not have direct and easy storage through applications. In fact, the limitations of the iOS operating system make it impossible to write an application for this purpose and distribute it in the App Store. Downloading apps from anonymous sources for iPhone is not easy for Android, and finally, you have to look for another way to download movies from YouTube.

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Perhaps the easiest way to download YouTube videos on iOS is to use download help sites like in the Safari app; But if a user wants to use the app, he has to install the app on the iPhone and download the video on the iPhone through that app and the website. Follow the steps below to download videos from YouTube on iPhone.

1. In the App Store, search for readdle and download and install the Documents by Readdle app.

How to download from YouTube on iPhone

۲. Open the desired video in the YouTube application or iPhone or iPad browser, and like the tutorial, select the Share link and then Copy Link, copy the video link.

3. Launch the Documents application, which was installed in the first step, and click on the icon at the bottom right (as shown below). This icon launches the app’s built-in browser, where you must open the website.

How to download from YouTube on iPhone

4. The next steps are like downloading from on the computer and we only need to enter the copied address in the second step in the website field. After downloading, the movie enters the Documents application and you can run it from there.

5. To make it easier to access downloaded videos, the Documents app can be added to the default Files app on iOS or iPadOS. To do this, after opening the application, open Files and select Browse from the bottom menu. The next steps include selecting the Edit option and then activating Documents. From now on, you can view the downloaded files in the Documents application in the default Files application.

How to download from YouTube

As mentioned, there are several ways to download videos from YouTube, and above we have described the common and popular ways to download from this service. If you know of practical ways to download from YouTube, share them with other users in the comments section.

common questions

How to download movies from YouTube without software?

To download without software, you can use websites that provide direct links (such as YT5s, KeepVid, etc.).

How to download from YouTube on Android phones?

To download YouTube for Android, you can use the popular TubeMate app.

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