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Google uses a global call system. This means that the contacts you add to Gmail will be available to all devices that are synced with your Google Account. These devices can include your computer, cell phone, and other smart devices. Not bad to know that Gimbel automatically adds people to whom you send emails to the contact list; So you do not need to re-add these people to the list. It does not matter if you have received an email from that person or not, you can still add their information to your Gmail audience.

Add the contact to the contact list from an email you received

If you’ve already received an email from the person you want to save as a contact, you can add that person’s details to your contact list without manually entering; Because Gmail already has his name and email address.

In this scenario, to add a contact to Gmail, first log in to your Gmail site and account via PC.

Once Gmail is downloaded, find and open the personal email that you want to add to your audience. In the Email window, hover your mouse over the sender’s name to open a menu.

Add a contact to Gmail

From the menu that opens, select More Info Choose.

Add a contact to Gmail

Gmail will open a new contacts page to the right of the email interface. In the upper right corner of this window Add to Contacts (Icon of a person with plus sign) Click to add the contact to your Gmail.

Add a contact to Gmail

Gmail adds the selected contact to your account and the message «Added» At the bottom of the screen.

Add a contact to Gmail

If you want to quickly edit the newly added contact, tap Edit Contact (Pencil icon) Click in the upper right corner of the contact page. This will open Google Contacts in a new tab of your web browser, allowing you to edit your contacts.

Add a contact to Gmail

This way you can quickly add people as contacts to your Gmail account!

Add contact manually to Gmail

Another way to add a contact to Gmail is to manually enter the contact details in your Gmail account. If you have not yet received any email from that person, you should use this method.

Open the Gmail site from your computer in a web browser. In the Gmail site from the top right corner, Google Apps Select (a rectangle made of nine points).

Add a contact to Gmail

From the Google Apps menu, tap Contacts Click to open the Google Contacts site in a new tab of the browser and display the list of current Gmail contacts.

Add a contact to Gmail

In the Google Contacts site from the left menu Create Contact> Create a Contact Choose.

tip: If you want to add multiple contacts at the same time, Create Contact> Create Multiple Contacts click.

Add a contact to Gmail

The Create New Contact window will open. Enter the contact details you want to add here. For example, click the First Name box and enter the person’s name, or select Email and enter their email address.

When you have entered all the details you want to save, in the lower right corner of the Create New Contact window, tap Save click.

Add a contact to Gmail

At the bottom of the Google Contacts website, a message will appear stating “New Contact Created”. This message confirms that your contact has been successfully added to your Gmail account.

Add a contact to Gmail

Add contacts from smartphone to Gmail

Since Gmail uses a comprehensive call system, you can add your Gmail account to your iPad, iPhone, and Android phone, and use your phone’s default Contacts app to add

Use Gmail audience.

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As mentioned earlier, you just need to add the contact to one device so that the contact automatically syncs to all other devices that use a Gmail account.

Delete contact from Gmail

If you no longer want to keep a contact in your account, you can do so from any device connected to your Google Account, including your PC and mobile phone. In the following, we will show you how to delete a contact using the Gmail web interface.

First, log in to Google Contacts through your computer browser. On the website page, Contacts Select from the left sidebar.

Add a contact to Gmail

On the box Search At the top of the Contacts page, click and type the name of the contact you want to delete. You can also select a contact from the list on the screen.

Add a contact to Gmail

A window will open with details of the contact information of your choice. From the top right of the window, click on the three-point menu and select Options Delete Choose.

Add a contact to Gmail

A message will appear asking if you want to delete the contact. Roy Delete click.

Add a contact to Gmail

Google’s message after deleting the contact you want Contact Deleted Will show at the bottom of the website page.

Add a contact to Gmail

We hope you find this tutorial useful. You can share your views and questions about adding contacts to Gmail with us and users.

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