Launching the “Berpa” system to compensate for the drop in the academic quality of students

Today, Sunday, February 9, the opening ceremony of the “Barpa” system was held at the Ministry of Education. According to the report IrenaIn this ceremony, Yousef Nouri, Minister of Education, has announced that this system as an educational support program “is designed based on current knowledge and uses the latest technologies in the technical field and business model.”

Nouri has also announced that “the Barpa system has been set up to compensate for the drop in academic quality and to solve the problem of students who do not have access to education for any reason” and further added: “In the Barpa system, efforts have been made to use the capacity of the youth, Parents, universities, fields and research institutes of basic sciences should be used appropriately and spread and increase this good work.

The Minister of Education went on to say that in education, one classroom is donated from every two classrooms, he praised the capacity provided in the online system to compensate for the drop in the quality of education and to solve the problem of students who do not have access to education for any reason. , Cited. He also emphasized the necessity of teaching students skills and said: “Students are the teachers of knowledge and must find their own path, and every student must learn a skill and this issue becomes a culture in the society.”

In this way, after the social network of students or the “Shad” system, this is the second online platform provided by education in the field of education. Considering the issue of dropping out of education, which has become one of the serious issues of the country these days, and also, with the decrease in the quality of education of students in recent years, this system was designed to compensate for the deficiencies in this field.

Hamidreza Khanmohammadi, head of the School Renovation, Equipping and Reconstruction Organization, also said about the established system: “In this system, capacities are connected to each other so that students who have educational problems for any reason can benefit from it, and we hope that its infrastructure will be established.” According to him, one of the events to develop the scope of jihadi work is the establishment of a system in which many teachers will also be present.

The head of the School Renovation, Equipping and Reconstruction Organization further expressed his hope that the established system will be ready quickly and carefully and added: “This is a joint work and all the capacities have been determined and we hope it will be a start to minimize the drop in education. ยป

Due to the fact that this system has not been used yet, it is not possible to make a judgment about its effectiveness, but the experience of launching and using the “Shad” system has shown that in the field of designing an educational system that can meet the educational and educational needs of all students in the country. respond and provide optimal services for holding online classes and other educational capacities, there are weaknesses.

In the experience of using the Shaad system, during online education due to the spread of Corona and also, during the holidays of the last few months, especially despite the limitations of the Internet, we have seen that online education faced difficulties and made it difficult and impossible to hold non-attendance classes. It was just two weeks ago that Shad experienced a disruption in its technical infrastructure at the same time as schools became non-attendee and employees were working remotely, and access to it was faced with problems. Therefore, it seems that the existing system should be designed and presented with a more complete infrastructure so that it can really compensate for the loss of students’ academic quality.

Ali Aghamohammadi, Deputy Minister of Interior and Head of Neighborhood Empowerment and Social Transformation 2020 headquarters, was another speaker present at this meeting who pointed to the presentation of statistics about the identified education survivors and said: “874 thousand education survivors were identified, that is, people who They are between 6 and 17 years old and have dropped out of school, which has been reduced by 150,000 people with the efforts of education and training, and now many people in this ministry are trying to return students to education.

He also mentioned the efforts that have been made to improve and strengthen the educational status of students in less privileged areas. Mohammadi announced in this regard: “We have 2,200 low-income neighborhoods with a population of 19,700,000 that have problems. “Many works done by the Relief Committee, Basij and other institutions have helped a lot for schools in these areas, but it is not a way to save.”

The Deputy Minister of Interior announced the holding of Konkur reinforcement classes for these people and also said that some business courses are also planned for the less fortunate people in the age ranges of 13 to 17 years and 18 to 30 years, which will be held for free.

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