Launching and developing new satellite monitoring systems

According to the information base of the Iranian Space Organization, these systems include the cloud and snow satellite monitoring system, the water catchment monitoring system in the south of the country, the earth displacement satellite monitoring system, the construction satellite monitoring system in natural areas and the identification and separation of iron ore using modern methods. Processing of satellite images.

Regarding the notification of the development of these remote sensing systems to the research center of the Space Research Institute, this center intends to use the capacity of businesses and researchers in this field to develop and launch these systems. Therefore, the Iranian Space Organization has invited interested parties to send their experiences and proposals for cooperation.

Launching functional systems in the field of remote sensing in order to exploit and provide the capabilities of space technology in the country is on the agenda of Iran Space Organization, and the purpose of defining these systems is to introduce the functional capacities of remote sensing technology, support and empower the private sector, promote the use of Remote sensing is among the organizations and devices in charge and providing services to the user community.

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