LastPass password management application will become a standalone company

According to theverge, LogMeIn has announced that it intends to turn LastPass password management tools into an independent company. With this change, LastPass promises that customers will experience planned improvements to the accelerated schedule next year. With a team dedicated solely to innovation and growth, LastPass can provide much more powerful services to users, according to one speaker.

In 2015, LogMeIn bought the popular LastPass password management tool for $ 125 million. According to LogMeIn, more than 30 million users and 85,000 businesses worldwide use the program, making up the vast majority of the company’s customers. LogMeIn’s emphasis on using LastPass in its press release is likely to mean that the independent company intends to focus more on that audience.

These changes take place almost a year after LastPass added many restrictions to its free version. Currently, LastPass restricts users who use the free version from viewing and managing passwords on their phone or computer. Individuals must use the paid version to access their passwords on all devices.

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It goes without saying that LogMeIn has also faced a lot of criticism due to the tripling of LastPass Premium prices between 2017 and 2019; However, a spokesman for the company told The Verge that there were no plans to change the price of LastPass.

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