Lajurdi: Doubling the tariff of commercial SMS is not acceptable

Amir Lajouri wrote in one of the domestic messengers: “The doubling of commercial SMS tariffs by some mobile operators, which will ultimately be paid from people’s pockets, is not acceptable at all.” “The operators have one week to modify the tariff, otherwise the Regulatory Commission and Regulatory Organization will take action.”

Commercial SMS services announced a 100% increase in commercial SMS rates and said that this increase has been applied since the beginning of May 1402. In this message, it is emphasized that the increase in the SMS tariff of the SMS service provider systems was based on the announcement of the operators and the systems are required to comply.

In general, the SMS tariff has increased by 30 rials this year based on the budget bill. In this bill, as in 1401, it was announced that operators providing telecommunication services, in addition to the price of each SMS, will receive 30 rials from service users and deposit it into the treasury of the country. This income, up to 100 billion tomans, will be provided to the welfare organization for the implementation of the law on the protection of the rights of the disabled and the organization of working and street children, and the remaining 500 billion tomans will be spent on the national information network by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. In general, the government’s income from text messages will be 600 billion tomans.

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