Korean media: Samsung has started working on a smart ring

In the world of Android, Samsung is one of the top brands of smart watches and in recent years has been able to launch relatively successful watches. While the company has proven its expertise in wearables, the Korean tech giant is now said to be working on a smart ring.

Sammobile, from the media close to Samsung, citing South Korean news agencies, writes that Samsung has started working on the smart ring project, and this ring can monitor the user’s physical activity and health. It is said that Samsung is cooperating with several companies to provide the required parts and modules.

Last year, Samsung filed a patent for a smart ring with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. According to the information of the registered case, the Samsung ring is supposed to have an optical sensor for monitoring heart rate and ECG. Users will probably be able to control phones, tablets and TVs with this smart ring.

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Market watchers predict that smart rings will gain popularity in the coming years. These smart rings will not have a display, so it is expected that they will not face charging problems to the extent and size of smart watches. Of course, the lack of a screen may make the owners of smart watches not show enthusiasm for the smart ring. Maybe companies like Samsung will make a smart ring with a simple and small screen.

The smart ring is not a completely new concept. From gadgets like Oura Ring 3 and Circular Ring, Hecere NFC Ring, +Prevention Circul and Go2sleep Ring are known as the most popular smart rings.

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