Kodal report of the first companion; Return to the income of September

Most of the income of the first mobile phone, as in the past months, was obtained from the operating income of subscribers of permanent and credit lines. In the meantime, the contribution of credit line subscribers is 1,674 billion tomans and the share of fixed line subscribers is 1,323 billion tomans. This part of first mobile income includes the income of communication services such as calls, SMS, Internet and mass SMS.

Other sources of income of the first mobile have also increased compared to February. The income from cross-connection, which is related to the use of first mobile network facilities by other mobile phone companies, was more than 410 billion tomans in the last month of winter.

The income from the sale of new mobile phone lines, which was recorded in the financial statements of one month ending in March 1401, was more than 14 billion and 700 million tomans. Nearly 14 billion tomans of the first company’s income, which is mentioned in the Kodal report for the month of March, was also obtained from other incomes of this company, which brought its total income to three thousand and 400 billion tomans.

Iran Mobile Communications Company earned a total of 37 thousand billion tomans in 1401, which has increased by almost 9 thousand billion tomans compared to 1400. The annual income of the first mobile credit line subscribers is more than 19 thousand billion tomans and the annual income of the fixed line subscribers of this operator is more than 14 thousand billion tomans.

The total revenue from the use of network facilities by other mobile phone companies in the past year was reported to be nearly three thousand billion tomans and the sales revenue of new mobile phone lines was more than 121 million tomans.

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