Japan uses ChatGPT for administrative purposes

One of the cities in Japan, faced with the problem of lack of employees and efficiency, has decided to use artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT to determine if this tool works as advertised or not.

The city of Yokosuka in Kanagawa Prefecture started a month-long trial last Thursday so that its 4,000 municipal employees can use ChatGPT to perform administrative tasks and improve their performance. This move makes Yokosuka the first city in Japan to use chatbots Artificial intelligence is used in administrative work.

Takayuki Samukawa, the public relations representative of Yokosuka’s digital management department, says, “The population decline has led to a shortage of labor and we have faced many administrative challenges. Our goal is to improve our HR performance by using technology applications like ChatGPT.”

to report NYPostRepresentatives of the city of Yokosuka, Japan have decided to use ChatGPT on a trial basis to perform tasks such as text summarization and document drafting, as well as marketing and communication development.

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