Jackie Chan to play Nvidia CEO biopic?

In this intimate conversation, which took place in the historic garage of HP, where the company was founded in 1939, in addition to his personal life, Huang’s professional adventure in turning Nvidia into one of the recognized names of the semiconductor industry was also discussed.

According to recent reports, Nvidia’s revenue in the second quarter of 2023 reached 13.5 billion dollars with a 101% increase compared to the same period last year. This year, the value of Nvidia shares has multiplied. This increase in market value is attributed to the increase in demand for Nvidia graphics cards.

It is not wrong to tie a large part of Nvidia’s success to the co-founding of Huang and his colleagues in 1993; where, in the last years of his academic studies, the spark to establish this company was struck in a canteen. Since then, according to Bloomberg Billionaires IndexHuang has increased his personal wealth from $13 billion at the beginning of 2022 to more than $40 billion in 2023.

Although the whole biography and Jackie Chan thing is probably nothing more than the humor of the host and Jen Soon Hwang, if there is ever going to be a movie about the life of this leather jacket-wearing director, we should first go back to his childhood in Taiwan and Thailand.

The next logical step was his migration to the United States and studying at Stanford University and Oregon State University and meeting his wife. LaurieIt is in the laboratory of this university. Maybe a part of this hypothetical movie will be dedicated to Nvidia’s recent successes in artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency and metaverse.

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