Jack Dorsey: Elon Musk is not functioning properly in managing Twitter

Jack Dorsey Currently from the social network Bluesky uses; A platform developed based on an open protocol. The founder of Twitter says that this social network after coming to work Elon Musk It has poor performance. Of course, Dorsey has also blamed Twitter’s board of directors for forcing the sale of the platform.

One of the Bluesky users named Jason Goldman From Dorsey About performance Mask He asked on Twitter and Dorsey He replied: “In my opinion Mask After realizing he had bad timing, he performed well. On the other hand, I disagree with forcing the board of directors to sell the aforementioned social network. “However, it happened, and now all we can do is build a platform that will prevent the repetition of previous mistakes.”

Will OrmosThe writer of the Washington Post also showed it in a way Dorsey He avoids blaming himself. Ormus Also to Apology Dorsey Noted for his role in determining the fate of Twitter.

to the writing of TechCrunch, Dorsey In addition to lamenting the state of Twitter under management Mask And the circumstances that brought us to this point now suggested that the said social network would never survive as a publicly traded company. Dorsey Also, one of his previous tweets stating that Elon Musk He’s the right person to manage Twitter and he reposted it, explaining that he specifically meant making Twitter private.

Dorsey It is also alleged that he sold Twitter to Mask He considered it illegal to have played a role. In the end, the former CEO of Twitter pointed out that the sale and acquisition of public companies is not out of the question, considering the market conditions.

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