It was possible to like Instagram stories without sending them directly in the new update of this application.

Yesterday, Instagram introduced a new feature called Private Story Likes that changes the way users interact with other people’s stories. From today, people who have received this update can like other people’s stories without sending them directly.

9to5Mac report, Adam Moseri, The head of Instagram, shared the news on Twitter about the addition of a new feature like Private Story. While interacting with Instagram stories is now sent directly to the user’s inbox, the new Like system will work independently.

As can be seen in the video released by Mosri, the new Instagram user interface shows the user a heart icon when viewing stories on the platform. When you tap this icon, the person in question will receive a regular notification instead of a private message. The head of Instagram said that this system is made in such a way that it is private and does not provide counting of likes.

Of course, this new feature is expected to differentiate stories from regular Instagram posts; Because the number of public likes of regular posts will continue to be provided. The Private Story Likes feature makes it easier and more fun for users to support and appreciate content shared on Instagram stories. The main idea is to make sure that people can support each other more and that the direct part is also cleaned up a bit.

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Instagram has recently added other new features to its platform, including 3D avatars and the global release of the “Security Check” menu, and three new options for sorting the content provided in the feed. In the following, you will see the tweet sent by Musri:

Private Story Likes

With today’s update, you can now send some love to people without the need to send them directly by liking their story.

Likes in stories are private and their number is not provided. This feature is displayed with a heart icon next to categories of people on your Story screen.

Adam Mosseri (@mosseri) February 14, 2022

What do you think about this new Instagram feature?

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