It was possible to buy various Tesla products with Dodge Quinn

Ilan Mask According to the tweet He announced on his personal Twitter page that from today, Tesla enthusiasts can buy some of the company’s miscellaneous products by paying Dodge Quinn. Currently Cybersquad, the all-terrain electric car (ATV) for children, is priced at $ 12,020 (about $ 2,320), the Giga Texas belt buckle is priced at $ 835 (about $ 161), and the Cyberwhistle whistle is priced at 300 Dodges (about $ 58). They are available with DodgeQueen.

Tesla belt buckle

Following the news of the start of sales of a number of Tesla miscellaneous products with Dodge Quinn, the price of this memequin increased by about 16%, equivalent to $ 0.2.

Earlier, Ilan Musk tweeted on December 14 that he had announced plans to sell some miscellaneous products with Dodge Quinn, and now, a month after Tesla CEO’s tweet, we are witnessing the implementation of the plan. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

It seems that the plan to sell Tesla miscellaneous products with Dodge Quinn is not limited to the United States; Because now this marginal carmaker is also selling a mug in the same design in the UK for 150 Dodges. Currently, the only way to buy products in Tesla’s recent plan is to pay for Dodge Quinn currency.

Mag Tesla

Support for Dodge Quinn currency at the payment gateway for some of Tesla’s products began with Bitcoin payments a few months after the start of the company’s car sales program; The program ended 49 days later due to concerns about bitcoin mining with fossil fuels. Ilan Musk said at the time:

Cryptocurrencies are a great idea in many ways, and we believe they have a promising future; but this [آینده] Should not be priced [آسیب] To the environment.

According to a study by TRG Datacenters, Dojcoin consumes far less energy per transaction than Bitcoin; But according to Alex D. Veris, a digital currency economist, the cryptocurrency is still a cost-effective solution, and its low energy consumption per transaction is largely due to its lower value compared to other digital assets such as bitcoin.

Ilan Mask Claimed in May 2021 Who works with Dodge Quinn developers on “improving transaction system efficiency.” Tesla’s CEO has repeatedly spoken out in support of Dodge Quinn. He told CNBC in an interview last October:

Many people who work on Tesla production lines or Rocket SpaceX have told me that Dodge[کوین] Have bought. They are not economists or silicon technology; So I decided to support Dodge; Because it’s as if the code is the people.

Ilan Mask in another adventure Announced in May 2021 SpaceX is raising Dojquin-based funding to build a satellite called DOGE-1, which will be launched to the moon next year.

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