It is not possible to buy Nokia phones in many European countries

HMD Global, Nokia’s home phone, seems to be facing major problems in several countries across Europe. The Finnish company was recently banned from selling many of its products in Germany and Switzerland. Not all Nokia smartphones except the Nokia G21, and Nokia G11 are available on the company’s website in these two areas. However, HMD problems are much more widespread.

According to the Android Authority, Nokia phones appear to be non-existent in several countries across Europe; These markets include important countries such as France, Spain, Italy and even Finland. Currently only the G21 model is available in these countries. It is said that the X10, X20 and other phones of this brand are still available to buyers in the UK.

A company called VoiceAgeEVS LLC has sued HMD Global for using advanced voice services (EVS). This audio encoding standard is mainly used with VoLTE; For example, when making calls over an LTE mobile network. The complaint alleges that HMD is not licensed to use the technology.

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Although HDM Global did not elaborate on the length of time it has been unavailable for its products, here is an excerpt from the company’s statement shared with German multimedia:

HMD has been sued by VoiceAgeEVS LLC in various jurisdictions, including Germany. We are disappointed with the completion of VoiceAge implementation in Germany in December and have not filed a complaint. At the same time, we have ensured that none of the devices offered and distributed in Germany support EVS.

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