It is an offense to charge extra for fixed telephone lines

According to the announcement published by the public relations of this organization, the service tariff for changing the name and location of fixed telephone lines should be received from the applicants based on the amounts determined in Resolution No. 2 of the 324th session of the Commission for the Regulation of Communications.

Also, the regulation has considered the cost of changing the name and location of real fixed lines at 38 thousand 300 tomans and 149 thousand 300 tomans, respectively. The ceiling for changing the name and location of legal fixed lines is 73,600 tomans and 162,500 tomans, respectively, and receiving additional amounts as Rand lines tariff from subscribers who own Rand lines is considered a violation.

In its announcement, the regulator has announced that subscribers who have encountered such a request and received additional amounts from them can register a complaint to the complaint registration and response system (195 system) at the address Visit.

Subscribers also need to know the tariff ceiling of other landline services that can be provided at the service counter offices ICT Villages and sales offices of fixed telephone service license holders specified in Resolution No. 2 of the 324th Session of the Communications Regulatory Commission can Here click

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