Is the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE waterproof?

Is the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE waterproof?

The Galaxy S23 FE is the third phone in Samsung’s Fan Edition series, which is a popular choice for most users and offers many of the great features of the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23 Plus, and Galaxy S23 Ultra at a more affordable price.

Galaxy S23 FE has a lot to say with features such as old screen (AMOLED brand), stereo speakers, powerful processor, various camera settings and battery with all-day charging, and it is not surprising that this Samsung phone is resistant to water penetration.

written by SammobileFor several years, Samsung has been designing its flagship phones and some of its best mid-range phones to be water and dust resistant.

Like every other smartphone in the Galaxy S family, the Galaxy S23 FE is IP68 certified. This is the international standard rating certificate for devices that are dust and water resistant, and the numbers next to the IP letters indicate how dust and water resistant a device is.

The first digit from the left indicates protection against dust, and the number 6 here means the most protection possible, making it almost impossible for dust to penetrate in everyday use. The second number shows the level of resistance against water, and the number 8 means that the Galaxy S23 FE can survive in a maximum depth of 1.5 meters of water for 30 minutes.

The water resistance certificate is only applicable for fresh water and does not protect the device against high-pressure splashes and high-temperature water. In short, the Galaxy S23 FE is water-resistant just like any other smartphone on the market, and we can’t call it “waterproof”.

If you accidentally spill water on your phone or want to remove a stain with gentle water pressure, don’t worry; Because the IP68 certificate provides sufficient protection for the phone in these conditions.

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