Is it time to change the Samsung logo?

Most marketing experts believe that a brand logo carries a set of emotions and values. Your mind always associates a particular product with its logo, and this is inevitable. Larger companies and smaller entrepreneurs are aware of this; Thus, choosing a brand logo becomes a mission to find the right combination of words, shapes and images to convey a set of values, and companies hire specific people to do so.

According to von Arena, people usually have to use a product to determine if it is good enough. In today’s world, thanks to the Internet, you can browse various goods and share your opinion. However, if the logo is not appropriate and attractive on the products, less people will try them and this will reduce sales. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. If the logo is not attractive, the chances of selecting that device will decrease.

Also, the logo is one of the first things that assures you that you have new products from a familiar brand. Familiarity with a particular brand creates a feeling of friendship with the product in the heart of the buyer. For example, if you buy one of the Samsung Galaxy family’s smartphones and you like it, you will most likely not go to other brands of airbags and your first choice will be the Galaxy Buds. Logo is your first guide when searching between headphones from different companies.

Samsung; The first logo and the humble beginning of the company

Now that we’ve talked about Samsung, it’s time to talk about what we’re going to cover in this article: Does the Korean tech giant need a new logo? First of all, let’s talk about the name “Samsung”. In Korean, Sam-sung means “three stars”. You have probably heard the translation of the brand name, you have understood why the production line of the company’s flagships has a “galactic” spirit!

Samsung's first logo

The meaning of the company name partly explains the meaning of its first logo. You might think that the original Samsung logo looks like a sticker on a Korean food package. We have to say that you felt right; Because the logo was printed on the company’s first product, noodle packages. We are not joking! Noodles were one of the first products the current tech giant sold.

If we want to talk about the history of Samsung, we have to write another article and describe in detail all the stages of its development; But in short, Lee Byung Chul, The head and entrepreneurial thinker of the company, started his career by producing and selling rice, dried fish and other products. This fact explains why, in addition to the three stars, it represents the original Samsung Wheat logo and the three lines that symbolize the rice noodle strings.

The founder of Samsung is one of the most successful Korean businessmen in history. It can be said that Lee Byung-chul moved with time and was very smart in recognizing trends. This may explain why Samsung has been active in various fields, including insurance, real estate and several other industries.

1969 to 1979; Three stars and the first “Samsung” logo

The second Samsung logo

As Samsung’s business changed, so did its logo. The first logo lasted from 1938 to 1969 and was eventually replaced by a simpler example. This was the first time the name “Samsung” appeared in the logo. It should be noted that the name of the company was written in English, which indicates that during this period, “local trade” was moving towards “international trade”.

The new logo also lasted about 10 years, until one day Byung-chul decided to replace it with another. Now we had three hexagons with three stars in them. Some believe that the color of the hexagons was red; Because at that time Samsung introduced its first color TVs. You can imagine how big such a product could be for a company like Samsung.

The third Samsung logo

From 1979 to 1993, Samsung actually had three active logos: one containing only symbols and the other two, including the name “Samsung” with two different fonts.

1993 to 2005; Blue Oval

In 1993, thanks to electronics (TVs, refrigerators, microwaves, etc.), Samsung’s popularity began abroad. At that time, the company logo changed to a blue oval, which represents the world. The name “Samsung” was in the center of the oval. In fact, this design is the most recognizable or so-called symbolic Samsung logo to date.

Samsung Blue Oval Logo

Why should Samsung change its logo?

We go back to the present. The current Samsung logo has practically the same design as in 1993; But its color is upside down. Now the name of the company has turned blue and the oval around it has disappeared and we are witnessing a more modern design.

The current Samsung logo

As we mentioned, the Samsung logo has a modern design, making it a recognizable brand; So why change it at all? In the following, we will explain why this is not at all strange in the world of technology. Let’s take a look at Cupertino. You probably guessed we would do that; Because if you were asked to name the five most iconic logos in the tech world right now, Apple was probably one of the logos you were referring to. This popular company may even be the first choice on your list.

The big question that arises is, does Samsung have an attractive logo? Apple is Nike, the world of technology. It is generally never possible to tell whether someone is buying the company’s products because of their quality or for class! A very important issue is the sense of confidence that the brand can create in the hearts of its fans. Those who use Nike sneakers know that it does not break with double jumping, and iPhone buyers are sure of the quality of its construction.

However, sometimes a logo or brand such as Apple, Nike, Air Jordan, NASA, etc. can make you feel special. The Apple logo has not only been able to gain people’s trust in the brand; Rather, it has become a symbol of social status. Even this logo can make different people feel together and think they are together.

At present, bitten apples are so natural and recognizable that they almost blend in with their environment. Take cafes, for example. Most of the time there are several people in these places who are either working with their MacBook or texting with their iPhone. Apple is somehow connected to these groups:

  • Young university students (if financially able)
  • Young adults with stable jobs
  • Middle-aged businessmen (with Mac and Apple Watch)
  • Elderly (in developed countries)

In fact, different groups associate with Apple and its logo according to their needs. For example, you use the iPhone as a student. Also, you have a friend who chose MacBook for programming. The family grandfather may even use the iPad to make video calls to his grandchildren abroad.

While much of this can be attributed to targeted marketing and the Apple product portfolio, such an improvement would not have been possible if the company had continued to use the original Apple logo, which was literally a painting. Printing, designing and even recognizing the previous logo was so difficult that it had to be changed. Do you think the current Apple logo is more popular with young people or its original design? Isaac Newton Showed under an apple tree?

The first and last Apple logo

If Samsung had a new logo for its smartphone division, how would it be designed? It is not difficult to understand. If we look at the names of members of the company’s large family of smartphones, the phrase galaxy stands out; As a result, the new logo should be related to the universe and the sky, right?

One of the leading options is to use the NASA symbol, “astronauts”. Astronautics is one of the most fascinating and popular professions in the world. Apart from this, the astronaut is a symbol of going beyond the usual limits. It seems that an attractive and meaningful logo can be created from it. Another element that can be used to design the new Samsung logo is the robot.

Samsung suggested logo

Currently, Samsung is a well-known name. Maybe it’s time for the company to trust its products and change its logo to get closer to today’s components. It should also be noted that logos made up of letters only will be slowly obsolete and forgotten. In addition, the logo of Samsung and even Apple does not describe the parent company. Consider Twitter. The company has been able to symbolically define its field of activity by showing a bird in its logo.

Should the Galaxy smartphone line have a new logo?

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Seeing the Samsung logo on the refrigerator you are about to buy may reassure you; But it must be admitted that now is the time for change. The feeling that the logos of brands like Apple or Air Jordan convey to buyers is more in line with today’s factors, and the Korean tech giant needs to get to work sooner.

The logo indicates ownership; But it can also convey the value and quality of the brand. You probably already understand why large companies spend so much money on logo design. It is not always enough to offer quality products, and companies must keep up with the changes of the era so that they do not lag behind other competitors.

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