Is it necessary to create a Samsung account to use the functions of the Galaxy phone?

Maybe you have been forced to create a Samsung account while using some software features of your Samsung phone. Creating an account is not mandatory and you can easily use the phone without it; But some Samsung services require this user account.

There is a set of Samsung software features that cannot be used without having a Samsung account; For example, without a Samsung account, it is not possible to access the Find My Mobile service to locate a lost phone.

Backing up Samsung phone data using Samsung Cloud reduces the risk of losing phone data due to an update or technical breach. Samsung phone users who do not use a Samsung account are also deprived of this phone feature.

Samsung Members service is one of the exclusive software for Samsung phones to test the health of different software and hardware parts of the phone, which cannot be used without a Samsung account.

Services that cannot be accessed without creating a Samsung account:
  • Samsung smart assistant Bixby
  • Samsung Cloud cloud storage
  • Samsung Pass identity management service
  • Tracing a lost phone: Find My Phone
  • Support and communication with users of Samsung products (Samsung Members)
  • Samsung Health fitness service
  • Making calls and sending messages on other devices
  • Service to visit important places (Samsung Visit In)
  • Group Sharing
  • Samsung Pay/Wallet
  • Samsung smart video streaming service (Samsung TV Plus)
  • Synchronization in Samsung Internet Browser
  • Sync in gallery
  • Management of Samsung SmartThings (Samsung SmartThings)
  • Samsung Rewards service
  • Samsung App Store (Galaxy Store)
  • Penup drawing software (PENUP)

If you don’t have a Samsung account, via device settings, select accounts and backups, manage accounts and add accounts; Create a Samsung account.

By not opening a Samsung user account, Samsung users do not miss out on essential items and can use alternative Google applications; For example, using Google’s Find My Device can be a good alternative to Samsung’s Find My Phone service; Chrome browser can be used instead of Samsung browser so that there is no need to create a Samsung account.

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