Is Instagram’s blue tick paid?

New references in Instagram’s source code indicate that the company plans to make receiving a blue tick conditional on payment. Such a system earlier Elon Musk It has been applied in the new version of Twitter.

The codes discovered on Instagram clearly refer to the term “paid blue badge” and a new subscription service. Alessandro Palozzi who has previously revealed the new features of Instagram, says that these codes have also been seen in the latest version of the Facebook application. This means that blue tick polymeta will probably be used in both major social networks of this company.

Palozzi in a conversation with single crunch He announced that he had found other references to some kind of subscription service that are completely new. According to this whistleblower, everything is currently limited to the source code and there is no mention of a paid blue tick inside the Instagram application.

Currently, the Instagram blue tick is only given to important people such as celebrities along with global brands and organizations. Everyday users and a number of content producers who have not achieved much popularity also tend to have a blue tick.

The lack of clarity of the blue tick mechanism has created a black market. A research report last year stated that a number of users pay thousands of dollars to get their account blue ticked.

Shortly after taking over Twitter, Elon Musk revolutionized the subscription service of this social network. In the new version of the Twitter Blue service, users can receive a blue tick in exchange for paying money.

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