Irantalent reported: Digikala became a popular brand for employers

According to the second popular employer brand report of Iran Talent, with an evaluation of 22 thousand questionnaires, Digikala, Mapna, Snap Group, Irancell, Iran Khodro, Nestlé Iran, Kafebazar, Safar Al, Alibaba Travels and Obidi Group are the first ten companies in the minds of job seekers. These questionnaires were completed online by Irantalent users and other job seekers on the Internet.

An employer brand is a company’s reputation as an employer among job seekers and employees, and its popularity helps reduce recruiting and hiring costs and resignation rates. Employer improvement is important for both employers and jobseekers.

In a survey conducted in the winter of 1400, participants were asked to choose 3 companies that they would like to work for from a list of 7,657 companies that have a well-known employer brand. Participants then described the characteristics of their ideal workspace.

Jobseekers considered the most important criteria for choosing a popular brand to be the amount of salary that is suitable for their livelihood. Also, the opportunity for job promotion and job security are in the next ranks.

84% of the participants in the Iran Talent questionnaires had bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and 42% of them studied in public universities. Management graduates with 11% and graphics graduates with 2% were the most and least participants. In general, graduates of management, computer and IT engineering, finance and accounting, electrical engineering, industrial engineering, mechanical engineering and MBA made up more than 50% of the participants with university education.

Among the occupational groups, accounting and finance, sales and after-sales services, programming, advertising and market research, administrative and clerical affairs, and secretarial affairs had the most participation among the participants with work experience.

In another part of this report, the future plan of the participants is examined and the result of the questionnaire shows that 27% of the participants have a plan to start their own business in the next three years. Also, 23% of them decide to leave the current company in this period of time, and 22% are thinking of emigrating from the country. This report says that today’s wave of migration in Tech and Product teams is higher than in other job groups, and criteria such as the possibility of remote work and modern knowledge and technology are effective in their decision to migrate. 16% of the participants have stated that they want to continue working with the current conditions and 12% are looking to do freelance work in the next three years. They have stated the possibility of remote work, support of new and creative ideas at work and work with a dynamic and busy nature as their criteria for this decision.

In general, men, the age group of 25 to 30 years, the accounting and financial occupational group, and management graduates are more satisfied with the current conditions than others.

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