Iranians have to give up 60% of their annual salary to buy iPhone 14

The basic salary varies from state to state. Matching official statisticsTexas residents earn at least $15,000 a year, New York residents nearly $30,000, and California residents about $32,000.

iPhone 14 is priced at $799 in the US market. Texans have to give up about 5% of their annual salary to buy this phone. That number rises to about 3 percent for New York residents and about 2 percent for California residents.

Apple’s price change is not the only reason for the increase in the cost of buying iPhone 14. Many governments impose high taxes on the import of iPhones, which increases the price of Apple phones in different countries. In countries like Iran where there is no official agency, the role of brokers in product pricing increases.

Contradictory rumors say that Apple plans to raise the average price of the iPhone even more next year with the unveiling of the iPhone Ultra. In this regard, we will probably see the introduction of a new subscription service called “iPhone Plus” so that Apple fans can access software services by paying a certain monthly fee, in addition to buying the latest iPhone model.

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