Irancell’s special roaming packages for the World Cup

According to Irancell public relations, this operator With the aim of facilitating communication between the fans of our country’s national football team and Iranian travelers, Qatar has considered special tariffs and packages for this event. With these packages, Irancell users who travel to Qatar can access the Internet at an affordable cost by activating roaming.

This service was activated between November 27 and December 28, 1401 and is available in all areas covered by Vodafone and Ooredoo operators in Qatar, for all credit and permanent subscribers of Irancell.

According to the tariffs announced by Irancell, making a voice call in Qatar with a Qatari number, making a voice call from Qatar to Iran, and receiving a phone call from Iran in Qatar will cost 9,000 Tomans. The cost of sending each SMS will be two tomans and the cost of using each megabyte of mobile internet will be two thousand tomans.

Irancell tariff for Qatar World Cup

In order to enable better account management and cost savings, Irancell has also made three special roaming packages available to its subscribers, which can be activated by dialing the command code 1111*#4 or through Irancellman application.

The first combined package includes two gigabytes of mobile internet, 20 minutes of voice calls with Iran or Qatar and 20 text messages, and the second combined package includes five gigabytes of mobile internet, 50 minutes of voice calls with Iran or Qatar and 50 text messages. These two packages are available at the price of 390 thousand Tomans and 990 thousand Tomans, respectively. The third combined package is a special call and text message package, including 90 minutes of voice calls to Iran or Qatar and 90 text messages, which is available to Irancell subscribers at a price of 490,000 Tomans.

Irancell roaming service for Qatar World Cup

Active internet, conversation and SMS packages of Iran network will not be usable while in Qatar, and Irancell subscribers must activate special roaming internet packages if needed. Also, before leaving the country, it is necessary to activate “the possibility of using roaming services” on the subscriber’s account. It is possible to activate the “possibility of using roaming services” by dialing the command code *1111*#1 or through Irancellman application.

Irancell has also explained that there is no cost to turn on the mobile phone. Receiving text messages is also free during the trip, and the cost of incoming and outgoing calls will be calculated based on the minute and from the start of the conversation. Therefore, if the incoming call is not answered, no fee will be charged for that call.

Irancell subscribers should note that by turning on internet roaming, the internet used in mobile phone applications will be calculated with the cost of roaming. Therefore, make sure that the automatic or unnecessary connection to the Internet is disabled in your applications, and to avoid unnecessary costs when you are in Qatar, disable the automatic download of video, photo and audio files in the settings of your messengers.

Irancell subscribers should keep in mind that to call Iranian numbers from abroad, they must dial the code 0098 before the desired subscriber number. Irancell suggests that dear subscribers save their desired numbers with the prefix 0098 on their phones so that they can act faster when making calls.

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