Irancell’s second sustainability report was published

Last year, for the first time in Iran’s communication and information technology industry, Irancell had published the business “Sustainability Report”, this year also published its annual sustainability report for the second year in a row.

According to Irancell’s public relations report, the issue of “sustainability in business” and related reporting goes beyond the concept of “corporate social responsibility or CSR” and Irancell provides the necessary information for quantitative and qualitative evaluation through sustainability reporting, voluntarily and beyond legal requirements. It provides its stakeholders with measurable performance in the field of “sustainability in business”. The sustainability report, which was published by Irancell last year for the first time in Iran’s communication and information technology industry, is being published this year, despite some limitations, for the second consecutive year, focusing on the period from the first of April to the end of March 1400.

Among the most important issues discussed in Irancell’s second sustainability report are the results of the survey to determine sustainability priorities in Irancell’s business, increasing accessibility, the project of connecting rural schools to the Internet, greenhouse gas emissions and climate change, electronic waste, and digital literacy. , digital transformation in large industries, reduction of the digital divide, infrastructure development for the digital economy, participation in the public sector of the economy, inclusion and human capital management of the organization.

Dr. Bijan Abbasi Arend, CEO of Irancell, in the opening note of this report, has considered the establishment of Irancell as one of the most successful projects of deprivation reduction in Iran and a concrete example of the concept of creating shared value or CSV, and emphasized: “Irancell’s performance in creating the infrastructure of access to the Internet and the digital world For the people of remote and underserved areas, providing cost-effective services, widespread use of the fifth generation of mobile phones, supporting domestic producers and trying to localize and empower them, creating direct and indirect jobs, creating a platform for the quantitative and qualitative growth of the digital economy, and paying attention to research and development in The country’s ICT industry is one of the things that has been noticed by experts and stakeholders. In addition to the above, paying attention to the environmental effects of the daily operations of a large organization like Irancell shows Irancell’s adherence and commitment to taking effective steps towards sustainability.

In this memo, the CEO of Irancell stated: “Compiling and publishing a sustainability report for the second year in a row, with the aim of identifying and informing the most important socio-economic and environmental effects of Irancell’s business, an action in the direction of transparency beyond legal requirements and better interaction with stakeholders. It is in the current framework of Iran’s economic environment.”

Irancell, Iran’s first and largest digital operator, always strives to facilitate and expand access to digital life facilities for Iranians, in the path of achieving Iran’s sustainable development. Providing macro and important company information through “Sustainability Report” can provide stakeholders with an overview of Irancell’s social and environmental performance and activities in the path of sustainable development. This information presents an image of the nature and economic value, environmental and social effects and measures, as well as the quality of Irancell’s corporate governance in front of the organization’s stakeholders. Based on this, the sustainability report is a comprehensive look at Irancell’s macro goals, approaches and performance from the perspective of social, economic and environmental effects.

The sustainability report is the advanced generation of reports of the world’s economic enterprises, which provides a comprehensive tool to review and evaluate the organization’s performance and its effects on society and the environment. The information of this report provides a macro picture of the nature and extent of social-economic value creation as well as the quality of corporate governance to the stakeholders of the organization.

This report is compiled and presented in five chapters, including “Sustainability in Irancell”, “Corporate Governance”, “Society”, “Environment” and “Digital Economy”. The full text of Irancell’s 1400 sustainability report is available here.

Irancell invites experts and business activists, especially in the communication and information technology industry, to help maintain and strengthen the positive points of performance and focus on existing shortcomings to improve them by reading this report and providing feedback.

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