Irancell introduced the latest roaming packages for Nowruz

Following the increase of trips during Nowruz and to facilitate the communication of Irancells during these days, special discounts on Irancell roaming service tariffs have been considered for all credit and permanent subscribers.

According to the public relations report of Irancell, Iran’s first and largest digital operator, with the aim of facilitating communications and internet access for Nowruz travelers abroad, introduced seven international roaming internet packages for use in 49 countries and a special package for traveling to Iraq.

Roaming Internet packages provided by Irancell for Nowruz 1402, including five seven-day packages, respectively, with a volume of 75 MB and a price of 50 thousand Tomans, 150 MB and a price of 90 thousand Tomans, 300 MB and a price of 170 thousand Tomans, 600 MB and a price of 290 thousand Tomans and packages One gigabyte is priced at 410,000 Tomans. The discount packages provided by Irancell for Nowruz 1402 include a 14-day package with a volume of 3 GB and a price of 600 thousand Tomans and a 30-day package with a volume of 5 GB and a price of 900 thousand Tomans.

These special packages will be available for 68 operators in 49 countries including Turkey, UAE, Armenia, Azerbaijan, China, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, etc.

Also, Irancell has considered another package for travelers in Iraq, which includes 10 GB of internet for 10 days, at the price of one hundred thousand Tomans.

All Irancell subscribers need to dial the command code *1111 or refer to the Irancellman super application before leaving the country to activate roaming services.

Internet roaming packages, special for Nowruz 1402, can be activated through the command code *1111*3# and Irancellman super application.

More information on the use of roaming services is available on the roaming page of the Irancell website at

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