iPhone designer injects ‘Apple spirit’ into portable blender

In 2023, Matthew Moore And Dakota Adams, former Apple employees founded the startup Cruz. The color and raw materials and the design of the BlenderCap body are such that you feel that this product was made by Apple. Moore and Adams were members of Apple’s design team.

Blenders and similar products have a very crowded market, and a number of companies that have tried to innovate in this area have failed. For example, a startup called Juicero, which sold a $699 juicer, went bankrupt in 2017. Cruz sees BlenderCap as a new category of product that has a lot of potential to succeed in the market.

Cruz wants to differentiate itself by producing eye-catching products that are better quality than competitors and in their design inspired by Apple’s design style. “We want to make products with the spirit of Apple,” says Moore.

It is not clear how much Jony Ive has invested in Cruz, and the market value of this startup reaches several million dollars. In addition, Jony Ive, the former vice president of Apple’s product design team, has also invested in this startup. Needless to say, the former CEO of eBay is another investor.

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