iPhone 15 Pro Max breaks the record of the thinnest screen margin from Xiaomi 13

Ice Universe announced the thickness of the border around the Xiaomi 13 screen to be 1.81 mm, which is strange in its own way. A review of the Xiaomi website shows that the thickness of the bottom edge of the Xiaomi 13 reaches 1.81 mm, but the thickness of the top, right and left edges of the display is 1.61 mm.

With a 1.55 mm edge, the iPhone 15 Pro Max takes the record of the thinnest display edge from the grip of Xiaomi 13. The thickness of the border iPhone 14 Pro 2.17 mm and edge thickness The Galaxy S23 Ultra is 1.95mm.

Apple will probably release four new phones this year in the form of the family It offers iPhone 15. Probably the Pro and Pro Max models will have a titanium frame and will use non-moving buttons. For the first time, Apple plans to bring the USB-C port to the iPhone.

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