iPhone 14 is still not registered

According to the new notification of the Hemta news system, the news recently published about the iPhone 14 registry is fake, and the latest decision in this regard is to ban its passenger and postal import from March 1, 1401, and no other decision has been taken.

According to Isna, this announcement continues: “Also, considering that no iPhone 14 phone has entered the country through commercial import, all trade unions are strongly advised to avoid buying and selling it because it is an example of contraband.”

It should be noted that the import of passengers, which some people refer to, is for the passenger’s personal use, and its commercial misuse is an example of smuggling based on paragraph 2 of Article 2 of the Law on Combating Smuggling of Goods and Currency.

Hamta advised the contacts who intend to buy a mobile phone to make sure to inquire about the authenticity before buying and find out about the type of import of the phone, the warranty company and the start date of its warranty. Also, make sure to match the declared brand and model in response to the originality inquiry with the product’s physics, and in case of discrepancy, abandon the purchase.

Authenticity inquiry by sending the 15-digit IMEI ID to the ports of the peer system, including the command code *7777, Peer site and Peer application are possible. The IMEI ID can also be viewed by dialing the command code *#06# on the device or on the box.

Earlier in February, the publication of an old video of the spokesperson of the Ministry of Security had caused rumors that this mobile phone was registered. But Omid Qalibaf announced in a tweet that this conversation is old and its publication is aimed at increasing the price and abusing consumers. He announced at the same time that No decision has been made for the iPhone 14 registry and he asked people to be careful of fraudsters.

About six months have passed since the global release of the iPhone 14, and even though several thousand units of this mobile phone have entered the country as passengers, the role of this model is still unclear. Even according to Mehdi Abakari, the secretary of the Mobile Importers Association, the passenger import of these phones is not legal and licensed. This uncertainty has caused rumors and false news about the registry of this phone, which have been denied many times.

Until now, various follow-ups about why the import license of this Apple product was not issued have been unsuccessful.

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