iOS 17 review; The best iPhone update for those whose friends also have iPhones

Another new health feature I liked is called Screen Distance, which is available through Settings > Screen Time > Screen Distance. This feature is developed to prevent nearsightedness, and with the help of Face ID, it detects when your face is less than 30 cm away from the phone. If this distance does not change in three to four minutes, it will warn you to move the phone away from your face.

I recommend everyone to activate Screen Distance; Both people who are not yet myopic and people like me who have become myopic to remember to wear glasses.

New features for AirPods

It was just a few months ago that I reviewed the AirPods Pro 2, and one of the biggest issues I had with it was the poor call quality; In such a way that I had to answer the call without headphones. However, the iOS 17 update seems to have improved the call quality to the point where I can answer a call even in a crowded street.

With the iOS 17 update, a new feature called Adaptive Audio has been added to AirPods 2 Pro, which we have seen similar to in Galaxy Buds 2 Pro; So, if you are listening to music with ANC on and someone wants to talk to you, it’s enough for AirPods to hear your voice to automatically switch from ANC mode to Transparency mode.

This feature is really useful; However, its sensitivity is a bit high and sometimes it is activated by hearing a cough. Another feature that iOS 17 has brought to Apple headphones is the ability to mute calls, which has been added to AirPods Pro 1st and 2nd generation, AirPods 3rd generation and AirPods Max.

Minor, but interesting features

Among the multitude of new and minor improvements and features of iOS 17, some of them caught my attention the most, which I will briefly introduce here.

First of all, Safari. In the Safari browser, the ability to create a profile has been added so that you can separate tabs and extensions and search history based on the subject, for example, work or personal. Switching between different profiles is as simple as swiping left and right. Additionally, Private Browsing mode is now more secure than ever and locks when you’re not using it.

The Personal Voice feature has also been added in the Accessibility section to simulate the voice of people who are at risk of losing the ability to speak. To start this feature, the iPhone asks you to read aloud 150 different sentences in English, which ideally takes 15 minutes.

Then you need to lock your phone and charge it to start the voice processing process. For best results, it is best to do this when you want to sleep; Because during the day it is necessary to unlock your phone. In addition, Apple has ensured that your recorded sound will not leave your device and will be completely safe.

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