Introducing Xiaomi’s new MIJIA robotic vacuum cleaner with anti-stress capability

Yesterday Xiaomi new robotic vacuum cleaner MIJIA Introduced himself. This new product is now available at Xiaomi Shopping Mall in China. This new model even comes with an anti-entanglement feature to provide a better cleaning experience to the user.

The Chinese tech giant has launched the new MIJIA robotic vacuum cleaner with a suction power of 8,000 Pascals and a 5200 mAh battery, according to Gizmochana. Now let’s talk a little bit about its anti-entanglement properties. This new robotic vacuum cleaner can even open the hair stuck in the cleaning brush of the device. MIJIA vacuum cleaners are often fully automatic and do not require human interaction. This device only needs human help when its dust box is to be emptied.

MIJIA new robotic vacuum cleaner

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However, long-term use can reduce its cleaning efficiency, as items such as hair and large dust particles get stuck in the vacuum cleaner brush. But the newly released model can fix these issues itself and increase the life of the device. In addition, there is a 450 ml dust box and a 250 ml water tank. This device is even equipped with a dual-mode wireless module Wi-Fi and BLE (low-power Bluetooth).

In other words, users can even connect their phone to the MIJIA app on smartphones by moving their phone closer to the robotic vacuum cleaner. The new MIJIA product retails for approximately US $ 360. Of course, the current price of this product in Xiaomi Shopping Mall is approximately 300 US dollars.

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