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The first season of the fascinating series of the spy family, based on the manga of the same name, has been well received by viewers. In the continuation of this article, stay with Zumji so that we can have a look at this anime.

The serial anime “Spy x Family” is an anime in the spy and action/comedy style and is a joint product of “Wit Studio” and “CloverWorks”. This anime was based on the Japanese manga series by Tatsuya Endo, who wrote and illustrated it. The start of the first season of this anime goes back to April this year, and the second season was shown in October. Also, the author and director of this anime is Kazuhiro Furuhashi.Kazuhiro Furuhashi) who has become famous as one of the most prominent active directors in the field of anime.

Yuri, Anya and Lloyd Forger walking in the spy family anime

The story of this anime apparently begins in a time when there is peace in the world and everything is in balance, but news of tension between the two countries “Ustania” and “Vestalis” is heard. To maintain peace between the two nations, Vestalis, an expert spy with the nickname “Twilight” (Twilight) to eliminate the risk of war and conflict and find a way to save the world by performing several important missions. He must successfully complete his most difficult mission in order to maintain peace. Perhaps the main difficulty is that he needs a cover to carry out this mission, a fake family that he can rely on to help maintain peace between East and West. He goes for the right options, unaware that his chosen wife is an assassin and his adopted daughter Anya is also a telepath.

Lloyd, Anya and Your Forger at the dining table

Meanwhile, Twilight’s main mission is to gather information about a prominent politician named Donavan Desmond.Twilight) Is. Of course, there is also a fundamental problem, that this politician is not very interested in appearing in public. Twilight finally finds a way to fix this problem, but now she has to step into the role of family man, and well, starting a family isn’t easy either.

Especially because each of its members has their own secrets and they don’t want to reveal them. However, as you may have already guessed, the emotional bonds formed between them overcome all the problems and turn a fake title into a real relationship based on love and respect.

Your hired killer - Anya Forger and the spy known as Twilight or Toilets in the spy family anime

The first season of this fascinating anime continues its spy-centric story with a group of lovable characters who are trying to form a real family, and this has made this unique series something different in the world of anime. Characterization and expansion of the plot are among the advantages that have strengthened the structure of this anime. Each member of the Forger spy family, with their special characteristics and strengths and weaknesses, is well introduced to the viewer and awakens a sense of identification in him.

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On the other hand, the interaction of these three characters with each other has added to the charm and humor of the story. Also, despite the fact that each of these characters enters this new situation with a different purpose, the story’s process is such that the various motivations of each of them have been used to involve them as much as possible in the story line. The highlight here is that the thoughtful production team of this anime used interesting methods to engage the characters.

Further details of the story will be revealed

While the main character of Twilight is only looking for a way to finish his important mission, Yur or his so-called fake wife just wants to stay away from the suspicious eyes of those around him and continue his work easily and secretly, and Anya just wants a child. Be someone and have a family. The overall arrangement of this series is interesting in itself and well, the group of wonderful characters also added to the charm of the work. Especially the way each character interacts with the other characters are usually the creators of the best moments of this series.

Anya, Twilight and Yuri in shadow form with red background-anime spy family

While the three main characters of this anime, Lloyd, Yur and Anya Forger, all have strong and wonderful characterizations and therefore help to advance the story in the best possible way, unfortunately, some other characters are not as effective and significant as they should be. In the first season of the spy family anime, we are faced with several characters who have harmed the series process much more than helping the progress of the story. For example, Yur’s younger brother shows a strange obsession with his sister, a behavior that is rather disturbing. Maybe that’s why this character isn’t very persistent and doesn’t encourage the viewer to know more about him.

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But another remarkable thing about the story of the first season of the series “Family x Spy” is how the production team has combined the prominent elements of the spy world with the more trivial issues of ordinary people’s lives. In other words, the point of intersection of these two elements has caused the formation of a special and unique humor that is interesting in its own way.

Perhaps the most prominent example in this regard is Anya’s character. Despite his young age, he is well aware of what is happening around him thanks to the power of telepathy. This makes for some great moments of humor as he tries to help his new father in any way he can to do his job well. But Anya is a child and she does this with her childish thinking and look, which creates some really funny moments. Especially since Twilight doesn’t know about Anya’s power, and as a result, Anya’s efforts become even more remarkable.

Anya Forger in the spy family anime

In general, the atmosphere of the spy family anime has a palpable softness and tenderness. A comedy that flaunts its strength with the remarkable visual presentation of its characters, especially Anya, while at the same time it does its best to display a unique sense of style and talent with its action sequences.

The successful use of various elements has made this anime one of the best works of this year

On the other hand, the production team succeeds in connecting these two perspectives, so that this intersection never causes confusion in the story and they form a good relationship that fascinates the viewer.

Of course, along with all these positive points, some shortcomings should also be mentioned. For example, it seems that Anya is the most popular among the main characters of this series. For this reason, Anya’s presence is even more impressive than the two characters of Lloyd and Yur, and it makes this anime sometimes resemble “Anya’s show”. Too much focus on this character has also sometimes led to the loss of the opportunity to have a stronger presence of Lloyd and Yore. Another thing is that Anya uses her power both to get closer to Lloyd and Yuri and to do her job better. In other words, she relies too much on her power, so maybe it would be better for Anya to try to get the next rewards without using her mind reading power.

Lloyd playing with Anya in the anime Family x Spy

Looking at the past works of the two studios Waite and Claverworks, it is clear that they have a special skill in presenting great images. The characters presented are fresh and refreshing, and the use of CGI technology for background characters, props, and architecture is also noticeable, however, this use is never so much as if the anime were immersed in them. All in all, both studios succeeded in their mission to create a remarkable work.

The Spy Family anime is an action comedy with enough twists to keep fans engaged, however, it seems that due to the anime’s heavy focus on the crime side of the story, Lloyd’s character is under a lot of pressure, which makes him take a lot of risks. Lloyd must always be careful, because a simple mistake can cost him his job and his life. Finally, the spy family anime is an outstanding work, so it can be said with confidence that this anime is one of the best works of this year. Charm, humor and adventure together have formed a pleasant and special combination that makes us see the name of this anime in the list of the best anime this year.

The Forger family in the spy family anime

In the end, I hope you have enjoyed this review and companionship with Zoomji. Did you get the chance to watch the fascinating spy family anime? Do you think this anime can take a place in the list of the best anime works? What do you see as the strengths and weaknesses of this anime? We will be happy to share your valuable views with us.

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