Introducing the 13 top NFT markets

The NFT market experienced explosive growth in 2021, and as the debate over digital and digital media intensifies, NFTs will continue to grow in the new year. Unique cryptocurrencies represent ownership of digital works such as artwork or music or video, and have kept NFT trading markets warm.

Last year, the $ 69 million sale of one of Beeple’s works at the Christie’s auction prompted insane people to buy NFT one after another, and in the meantime we saw millions of dollars being deposited into the market to buy NFT cryptocurrencies, Bored Apes and Loot.

Now, where are these NFTs traded? Numerous online stores have been set up for this purpose. In this article, we introduce 13 leading NFT markets; So stay with Zomit until the end.

1. OpenSea

Most Famous NFT Markets 1 - Opeansea

OpenC is one of the first and largest NFT stores of all time. At the time of writing, data from DappRadar has reached more than $ 14 billion, according to the website. In this online store, NFTs of collectible works of art, in-game items, works of art, music, GIF images, etc. are sold.

Connecting to this store is easy and can only be bought and sold by connecting the Metamsk wallet or other wallets. After connecting the wallet, buying NFT is easy, just start searching among the different NFT collections and select your favorite token and then enter your bid price. Then wait for the seller to approve your offer.

On this website you can easily build your NFT. To do this, first go to the Create tab and upload your NFT after connecting your wallet as the effect creator. Next, fill in the description section and wait for the buyer to arrive. Another feature of this website is the possibility of buying LAND tokens related to the virtual fields of the game Disentland. To do this, enter the word Decentraland in the search box on the website.

۲. Axie Marketplace

The most famous NFT 2 -AXIE markets

Axie Infinity video game is based on NFT and the trading volume on this website has reached about $ 4 billion. Oxy-related tokens are sold specifically in this store; That is, the same digital animals like Pokémon. Oxy players in this store buy and sell animals obtained from the game.

Unlike NFT artwork, which is used only for the beauty and completeness of the collection, my goal is Oxy Infinity NFTs, which are used in in-game battles to fight in-game monsters as well as battles with other users. By doing so, users obtain tokens that are used to generate new oxy creatures. Some Oxy users live in the Philippines and Indonesia because of the country’s economic situation and the dollar exchange rate.

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Oxy Infiniti is one of the most complex NFT services, and even before you can play it, you have to go through several khans. In addition to having a wallet like Metamsk, you should also have a Ronin wallet and deposit ether in it. Then, buy at least three oxy from the oxy store. This will cost you several hundred dollars. This game is not for casual gamers; However, access to this game is not difficult for crypto users.

3. CryptoPunks / Larva Labs

The most famous NFT 3 markets - Cryptopunks

The Cryptopunks suite is one of the first NFT suites in the Atrium network to contain tens of thousands of randomly generated pixel characters, each with its own unique characteristics. In the beginning you could get these NFTs for free; But today they can only be bought.

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To buy cryptocurrencies, you must first visit the Larva Labs website. Most sales are made on this website. The price of these NFTs is by no means cheap, and at the moment the minimum price of one of them is 94.99 ethers, which is close to $ 300,000. The most expensive NFT in the series, number 7523, is priced at $ 11.75 million. This explains why the online store has a market volume of $ 2.4 billion.

4. NBA Top Shot Store

The most famous NFT 4 markets - NBA TOP SHOT

One of the most popular NFT series is the NBA TopShots, which includes a collection of digitally tradable cards that are important in terms of video. These clips will be saved in your wallet when you purchase one of the packages supplied. You can then view the clips or sell them at the NBA Top Shot Store.

One of the reasons TopShots is so successful is that its creator, Larva Labs, makes it easy for novice users to get started. The easiest way to register for TopShots is to connect your Google Account to Dapper. After that, you must enter your mobile phone number and receive an authentication SMS.

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Next, you have to go through several more steps; Including choosing your favorite basketball team. Then, you can queue up to buy new packages and buy one. At this point, you will receive another SMS again and then choose your payment method. This can include payments from your digital wallet, Flow wallet, Dapper account or credit card.

5. Rarible

The most famous NFT 5 markets - Rarible

Rearbel is one of the leading NFT stores in Atrium Blockchain. The platform is controlled by the user community and includes a wide range of digital arts and collectibles. With more than $ 227 million in trading volume, Rearble has been one of the top markets in this field so far.

In Rearbel, like OpenC, you can buy and sell NFTs. Also, users can create more than one NFT token for an image and sell it multiple times. Rebel has an easy-to-use interface for novice users. Users who are familiar with similar stores such as OpenC, also trade easily on this platform.

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The store supports many digital wallets such as Metamask and My Ether Wallet and mobile wallets such as WalletConnect. Once logged in, you can buy and sell NFTs using your in-wallet funds.

6. SuperRare

The most famous NFT 6 markets - Superrare

The superhero has a more regular structure than the rebel. In Rearbell you are bombarded with a world of flashing gifs and online auctions; But in Superior, everything looks minimalist and simplistic.

Also, this platform is highly selected and is among the social platforms that encourage the creation and collection of crypto artwork. Artists must be approved before they can display their work on this website. In other words, quality is preferred over quantity.

To enter Superior, you must have a wallet such as Metamsk or Formatic. In the next step, you need to create a username and password that are connected to your wallet. This takes no more than a few seconds, after which you can take advantage of some of the most dedicated NFTs.

7. KnownOrigin

The most famous NFT 7 markets - Knownorigin

Noun Origin has less trading volume compared to previous stores. The store has a turnover of $ 7.5 million and, like Superhero, aims to provide a select, gallery-like platform for NFT experts. All its art files are stored in IPFS which provides more security.

This store is very focused on digital artwork and it does not contain strange avatars and funny monsters. Using Nun Origin is very simple. All you have to do is attach it to a wallet like Metamorphosis or Formatics and then put a quote on your favorite works.

8. Foundation

The most famous NFT 8 markets - Foundation

At present, the total NFT Foundation store has an estimated sales volume of $ 126 million, and the store calls itself a “playground of creativity.” The platform sells popular works such as Nyan Cat’s online meme and Edward Snowden’s first NFT, as well as Richard James’s Aphex Twin.

After attaching a wallet similar to Metamsk or other software such as WaltConnect to the foundation store, you can bid on timed stores like auctions.

9. MakersPlaceMost Famous NFT Markets 9 - Makersplace

Police Mixers is another expensive NFT store that sells a number of proprietary digital artwork. The total number of trades made in this store is about $ 25 million.

February 2021 (February 2021) When Beeple put some of his works up for sale for $ 1, the website was down. Also, other artists like T-Pain and Shakira and the band Rage Against the Machine, have published their works on this website.

Registration on this website is simple and you can even log in with your Google or Facebook account. Before enrolling in it, you must first select your five favorite artists and then you can use your ether inventory in your scam wallet or by credit card.

It goes without saying that if you want to submit your works on this platform, you must complete an online form and send it to the site administrators for approval.

10. Nifty Gateway

The most famous NFT 10 markets - Nifty Gateway

Nifty Gateway is one of the first wave of NFT department stores. The sponsor of this exchange is Ramzarz Gemini, which bought this platform in 2019. This move was like a prophecy; Because it was done right in the middle of the growth of NFTs. In February 2016, Nafti topped the news by mediating the sale of a Beeple painting called CROSSROAD for $ 6.6 million.

The platform offers a number of hand-picked NFTs for sale every three weeks. It has also hosted artists such as Weeknd, Grimes and Eminem. In Nefti, you can search among selected works from approved artists.

It is very straightforward to start working with Nafti due to its direct relationship with Jamna Exchange. You must first register on the website. If you want to sell NFT, you have to use Stripe for authentication. You will then need to top up your account by sending ether to your address or by credit card.

After these steps, you will be ready to buy and sell in the oil gate market. You can also connect your Jamna exchange account with your Nifty account. By doing this, you can use your balance in the exchange to buy in the Nifty store.

۱۱. BakerySwap

The most famous NFT 11 markets - Bakeryswap

Bakery Swap is a small store compared to stores like OpenC. This is not surprising; Because most NFT stores are based on Atrium; But Bakery Swap was one of the first stores to be built on China’s Bainance Smart Network (BSC).

The NFT Store is just one part of the Bakery Swap, and users in other sections of the Website can trade or exchange funds directly with each other. To use this store, all you have to do is connect to Walt Metamsk. Note that since this platform is based on China Binance Smart Network, you only need to use Binance Coin (BNB) to buy.

۱۲. Binance NFT Marketplace

Most Famous NFT Markets 12 - Binance NFT

The NFT Bynance Store, as its name implies, has launched the Ramzarz Bynance Exchange. The company’s goal is to create a strong NFT store by offering special offers in order to attract exchange users to the store.

If you already have a business account, your job is easier; Because your account automatically works with the NFT Binance Store. After entering the store, if you catch a glimpse of one of the NFTs, you can use Ether or BNB or BUSD to offer your bid price.

13. Solanart

Most Famous NFT Markets 13 - Solanart

The latest NFT market growth has taken place in Atrium’s rival blockchain, Solana. Collections such as Degenerate Ape Academy, Aurory and SolPunks are available in multimillion-dollar volumes at the Solan Art Store. Unlike OpenC, Solan Art has a collection of hand-picked NFTs; For this reason, the choice of NFT to buy is relatively limited.

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To start buying Solana NFTs, you must first download Solana wallet such as Phantom or Solflare and charge it with SOL ciphers. Walt Phantom has the advantage that you can use FTX exchange directly for currency exchange. After doing this, all you have to do is connect your wallet to the site and offer the price after selecting the desired NFT.


In this article, we have tried to introduce some of the most popular NFT markets; But these stores do not end with the 13 mentioned websites. There are many other stores such as Mobox (Bainance Smart China), Magic Eden (Solana), AtomicMarket (WAX), Disentlandland (Ether) and …. For a list of top NFT stores, you can visit the Deep Radar website.

What do you think of Zomit users about the mentioned markets? Which do you prefer over the other?

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