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In other words, whether your house is key or how many years it was built; Whether you are a tenant or a landlord; You have to pull your hands around your house every year. Thus, you are safe from depreciation costs in the long run. Now imagine having a small icon on your mobile phone that, when you touch it, provides all the services you need inside and outside the building, car maintenance, beauty and health. This way you can list the tasks you want to do and then in this Technical services applicationFind skilled professionals.

Wrench Service Company For several years, with such an application, it has provided people with the need for various services in the area. In the continuation of this article, we will become more familiar with Achara and its extensive services.

What is wrench service?

Achara Group provides a wide range of services for all residential and office buildings. You can also find all technical and installation services related to cars, building equipment and home appliances in Achara application. Also, dozens of experts are ready to provide services for beauty and health in this app.

List of wrench services

  • Cleaning and catering
  • Installation and repair of home appliances
  • Plumbing, electrical, cooling and heating facilities
  • Decoration and reconstruction (painting, wallpaper, tiling, plastering, construction, installation of flooring, etc.)
  • Medicine and Nursing
  • On-site disease tests
  • Health and exercise
  • Sewing and clothing repairs
  • Pet Services
  • Gardening and green space
  • Home installation and repair
  • carwash
  • Car maintenance and repairs
  • Moving
  • Mobile and PC
  • Ladies Beauty Services

What does Achara cleaning service include?

In the past, only a small percentage of people in the community hired someone to clean their building or home. However, fast-paced life today has limited everyone’s time. Building managers prefer to hire professionals to clean the common areas of the building. In addition, if the housewife is employed, building and home cleaning services become one of the vital needs of every family; Because working women, like housewives, have no time at all to light the house.

One of the most important additions to the wrench service list during the Corona was the disinfection of the home or building business. During this time, when a family member or co-worker may be carrying the disease at any time, it is important to clean the environment of viruses and pathogens.


Wrenches are not limited to building and automotive services

As you can see in Achara’s list of service companies, Achara can provide almost the full range of services you deal with in your daily life; Both technical services and health and beauty services. Most people who have heard of Achara think that Achara is a male app; That is, whenever Mr. Khaneh needed help with specialized repairs, Download Achara app Is the best option. If Achara is an application for all members of the community; Especially women and even children.

What are the lesser known applications of wrench software?

Apart from the fact that men can find all the services of building, facilities and car in Achara, these services are also very important for women; Because in the new lifestyle, many of the technical responsibilities of the building or house are the responsibility of women.

People can find all the services related to beauty, health, exercise, nutrition and medicine in Achara. One of the most important activities of this company is presentation On-site medical and nursing services Is. Many companies offer these services these days; But the question is: are customers satisfied with the quality of these vital services?

What does Achara Medical and Nursing Services include?

Achara has home care services for the sick, children and the elderly. If you go to the website or application service of Achara and choose the category of medicine and nursing, you will see for yourself to what extent this company has met the needs of the society and has thought of a solution for them; Services such as:

  • Child or elderly care
  • Providing medicine or medical equipment, such as hearing aids
  • Accompany the patient to see a doctor and hospital
  • Serum injections and physiotherapy at home
  • Perform various tests and corona tests at home
  • Psychological counseling


No one is lying in front of you with the wrench in your hand

If you are over 50 years old, you must have experienced a sense of overload during times of disability or illness; Of course, these days, due to the busyness of people and the stress of life, young people have similar experiences. It must have happened that in case of illness or disability or need for care, you ask for help from acquaintances or neighbors, and by rejecting them, the bitter feeling of loneliness and helplessness will take over your being. By installing the Achara app, you will no longer experience these difficult conditions, and you will spend your disability with respect and comfort; Because from garlic to onion care services in App Wrench There is.

Achara planted flowers during the Corona

Since Corona engulfed the entire community, Achara R&D team has expanded its reach. Crohn’s patients were able to meet their need for on-site testing, provision of rare drugs, nurses and physicians. Do not travel in polluted environments unintentionally and leave the work to the skilled. This process not only helped prevent the spread of coronary heart disease; It created jobs for thousands of people. The role of wrench in igniting for people of different techniques is one of the unique honors that wrench holds.

What are the benefits of using the Achara app?

Achara, with the professional management of its dispatch specialists, has relieved its users of the worries of receiving the services of this company. Fans are thoroughly evaluated for bad background and permanent residence before joining the team. If you also like the use of Achara app services; But you have not gained trust yet, for more assurance, you can read the comments of previous customers in each section and safely Wrench order registration Choose.

In addition, Achara support team is always ready to respond to employers. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the service, you can contact this team and raise the issue. The support team will take the necessary steps to satisfy you after reviewing the situation.

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