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Time is an important word for human beings; So much so that human beings have decided to go online for most of their daily activities. In recent years, with access to the Internet and its promotion, many users are trying to spend their time more efficiently and get things done faster.

Now TDD (time division duplex) LTE That by name Internet TD-LTE It is known that it has been able to find a better position among Iranian users compared to ADSL and WiMAX internet. The TD Internet Standard uses all the bandwidth capacity to receive and send information and data; For this reason, the exchange of information is accelerated and this capacity can be changed by controlling the time interval at different times.

Difference TD-LTE With WiMAX

TD-LTE is a 4G fixed-line Internet home that offers higher speeds, no dependence on telephone and modem lines and mobile Internet across the country, low ping and stabilization of download and upload speeds compared to WIMAX.

TD Internet is less expensive than WIMAX and is available in both volume and unlimited Internet, and in addition, by increasing the data transfer capacity, it has been able to attract users.

Volumetric service And unlimited TD-LTE

The only provider operator Volumetric and unlimited internet No TD-LTE fair consumption threshold in the whole country (Based on telecoms) Provides suitable conditions for using TD-LTE Internet, such as use in CCTV binoculars with more speed and accuracy, low ping for online game users and high stability in download and upload with low latency in all parts of the country.


Internet Festival TD-LTE And ADSL2 + Yalda on the basis of telecom for a week

On the occasion of the end of December and Yalda night ceremony, the basis of telecommunication special tariffs on the site and Instagram It has provided high speed and high volume internet for those who are interested in them, including:‌ The following can be mentioned:

Volume service 400 GB + 100 GB Free volume

Volumetric service 540 GB + 150 GB free volume

Volume service 780 GB + 200 GB free volume

And 15% discount for all ADSL2 + Services With discount code yalda1400

How to activate the Internet with telecom base


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