Internet outages cost 1.5 million dollars per hour

the world of economy According to NetBlocks, the non-governmental organization overseeing the global Internet, referring to the outage of the remaining global social networks in Iran, has announced this figure for the damage caused by the internet outage. On September 30, first Instagram and then WhatsApp were filtered for Iranian users by order of the Supreme Security Council of the country. After Telegram was filtered, these networks were available platforms for virtual businesses and online stores, which, considering the economic conditions of the country, housed many to earn money.

Now, Iranian businesses need a filter breaker in cyberspace to access these applications. A possibility that is not available to everyone.

Padro had recently announced in a report that there are more than one million jobs in Iran thanks to Instagram and it has created a market of more than 40 thousand billion Tomans per year. In its annual report, Novinhub estimated that there are 1,700,000 businesses on Instagram, and statistics from the statistics center say that the income of about 10 million people depends on Instagram. Also, many local and home-based businesses are connected with the market through Instagram and WhatsApp and can find customers for their goods and services and communicate with them.

But the internet outage was not only limited to these two platforms, and in addition, applications Linkedin, Google Play and App Store, as well as the Starlink site are also filtered in Iran. Damages caused by internet outages are not limited to Instagram businesses. Nevertheless, the Minister of Interior said in an interview with Radio and Television about the continuation of these restrictions: “The rioters are the reason for applying such restrictions. Naturally, if the security and intelligence apparatus are sure that this is no longer the case, these restrictions will be removed.”

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