Internet disruptions cut postal revenues by a third

Internet disruptions, from nationwide outages to the blocking of some foreign platforms, including Instagram, in addition to harming Internet businesses and disrupting people’s daily lives, have also caused damage to the country’s economy. Mahmoud Liai, CEO of the National Post Company and Deputy Minister of Communications, said, referring to one of these losses:

Due to the disruption of the Internet in the last two weeks and the filtering of foreign platforms, such as Instagram and WhatsApp, the income of the Post Company has decreased by one-third, and this shows that one-third of the postal items and transactions were done through the international Internet and foreign platforms.

Just as before, estimates about the amount of damage and financial losses of businesses as a result of these disruptions were made and the results were published, now the statements of the CEO of the National Post Company also announced another financial loss that harms the country’s economy.

Although Liai admits that this decrease is due to the presence of many businesses on foreign platforms and their dependence on this space, he believes that the solution to this situation is not to remove restrictions and blockages, but to move businesses to domestic platforms. In this regard, he stated that since the past years, the senior managers of the country emphasized on the use of internal platforms by individuals and businesses so that if problems such as sanctions and filtering occur, they will not suffer a crisis; But unfortunately, foreign platforms are still the platform for businesses, and this issue has caused problems for the country’s economy.

It seems that what is being emphasized by the relevant officials these days is the movement from foreign platforms to Iranian alternative examples. If the Minister of Communications also answered the question, what alternative platform should people use instead of Instagram? It has referred users and businesses to Iranian platforms by saying “domestic capacities are available”.

Despite the recent restrictions, experts, associations and associations in the field of technology have expressed concern about the future of e-commerce and the digital economy. The CEO of National Post Company also called one of the main goals of this company to help the development of e-commerce and stated that the postal industry should be the leader in e-commerce processes and considered this as an important goal of this company. In this regard, he said: “Post is essential for e-commerce, and the priority of the National Post Company is service delivery; “The issue of business is second to service.”

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