Internal messengers are finally connected

Yes, Ita, Igap and Gap messengers have been able to connect to each other in the new update so that users can send messages to others with each of these messengers. This feature, called interconnection, as mentioned before, is implemented through activation in the settings section of messengers. This possibility is not yet available for Rubika and Sorushplus users.

The number of internal messengers was one of the reasons for not welcoming users. Especially after filtering intensified and people were forced to use native messengers, the multitude of these messengers made communication more difficult. Each of the organizations, institutions and government institutions communicated with their audience through one of these messengers and people were forced to have them all on their phones.

The CEO of Payamersan Gap told Zomit in February of last year if If there is no interoperability of messengers, users will find island restrictions and cannot fully access all services.

After these complaints, the Ministry of Communications announced the plan to connect domestic messengers to each other, and last year it was announced that they would be connected until the decade of Fajr. But this connection did not happen. At that time, of course, the details of this plan were still unclear even to the messengers. Ultimately what happened was a protocol that confirmed the possibility of messengers communicating. The deputy official of Messenger Yes told Zomit in February that the term connection is ambiguous and the issue is not integration or connection, but simply A single communication protocol is like the SMTP protocol in sending e-mails.

Tajamlian mentioned another ambiguity about this connection, which was related to user experience issues. A matter to wait and follow the experience of users after activating and using this possibility.

In the next stage, it was announced that the final product will be ready by the end of 1401. But finally at the end of April this year, this promise of the Ministry of Communications was fulfilled and the ability to send messages to the public became possible.

Since September 1401, the Ministry of Communications has shown that it will not take a step to remove the filter of popular platforms. In the last statement of the minister, it is emphasized that the filtered platforms will be unfiltered if their offices are established in Iran and are subject to the laws of the country. A condition that does not seem to be practical and this ministry has actually put its efforts on internal empowerment in this area and the possibility of communication between messengers is a step in this direction.

Despite making it easier for users of the four built-in messengers to communicate, do The acceptability of Iranian messengers will increase and the need of users for filtered messengers will be solved? A question that the download rate of filter breakers can probably answer.

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