Interesting photos of humanoid animals

For more than two decades, photographer Mogens Trolle has been capturing stunning images of wildlife on all 7 continents. He is trained as a zoologist and wildlife biologist, specializing in mammals. Mogens uses his knowledge of them as well as his keen eye to capture each creature’s unique personality. His photographs, especially those of monkeys, show the details of expressions on their faces that we are used to seeing in humans.

This photographer often chooses a close-up or a cropped view of the animal’s face so that the audience can study its special features and pay attention to its facial expressions that convey feelings of frustration, confusion, admiration and beyond. Although Mogens has been observing the behavior of mammals for years, he is still amazed by their personalities.

The facial expressions shown in these pictures show how close these primates are to us and what they have in common with us. Unfortunately, almost all of the primates he photographed are endangered. Mogens’ images should encourage us to support conservation movements so that these creatures don’t disappear forever.

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