Intel’s “green computer” has 90% recyclable parts

Intel says it has reduced the carbon footprint of its CPUs, and other companies in the hardware industry should follow suit to reduce the environmental impact.

According to Toms HardoverIntel’s new test computer is equipped with the 12th generation Alder Lake processor. Intel did not mention the exact model of the processor, but since this computer focuses on energy efficiency, we are probably going with one of the 65W or 35W processors (T series). The task of cooling the parts inside the case is handled by a normal low-power cooler.

Intel says it has developed new software called the Intel Green Computer Software Control Center for its new computer to allow the system to operate in a “low-carbon operating mode.” This software automatically detects user activities and optimizes system energy consumption.

The motherboard used in the Intel computer is equipped with 1,400 parts instead of 1,800 parts to reduce the use of raw materials by 22%. The power delivery subsystem is a fairly conventional model, but apparently capable of delivering optimal performance. Intel says that the power delivery subsystem in question is 6% less efficient than conventional motherboards in all modes.

Printed circuit boards made of metal, resin, and fiberglass are largely non-recyclable. The metal recycling rate is good, but resin and glass fibers cannot be easily separated. In this regard, Intel has gone to a different printed circuit board. Intel says that a 95% recycling rate for metal and glass fibers and a 90% rate for resin can be achieved in this printed circuit board.

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