Intel will send unvaccinated employees on unpaid leave

On December 7, 2021 (December 16, 1400), Intel’s Director of Human Resources, Christie Pambianchi, declared vaccination of Covid 19 mandatory for all its employees and required them to be vaccinated before January 4, 2022 (14 in 1400). According to TheVerge, employees who have not been vaccinated by that date are required to provide evidence of their exemption and a negative weekly corona test; Otherwise, they will be sent on unpaid compulsory leave. The new law will also apply to telecommuters.

Intel does not fire unvaccinated employees and continues to provide medical care for those on leave

Pambianchi announced that he would accept medical and religious exemptions until March 15 next year (March 24, 1400); The company initially announced a vaccination deadline of November 1400, but at the time had not yet considered the consequences of not being vaccinated.

If an employee does not get the corona vaccine and does not offer an exemption, he or she will be on unpaid compulsory leave for at least three months from April 4, 1401; Intel’s Director of Human Resources added that employees will not be fired for not being vaccinated and that all will continue to benefit from Intel Health Care.

Introducing the Covid 19 vaccine for Intel employees follows US President Joe Biden legislation for companies with more than 100 employees; But federal courts have not yet agreed on a constitutional ruling.

Google recently gave its employees until January 13 to receive the Covid 19 vaccine or offer an exemption; But the company, unlike Intel, said that if they did not perform the required duties after 30 days, they could be given up to six months of unpaid leave and eventually fired.

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Facebook and Microsoft have similarly asked their employees to be vaccinated before their offices reopen. All employees of these two companies were telecommuters until the beginning of 2022.

Unlike other tech companies, Apple has not yet set a law on vaccines; But its employees are still required to test regularly.

What do you think about the legislation of technology companies to make vaccination mandatory?

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