Intel will probably drop the Core i brand after 15 years

Fernandez It hints at an upcoming milestone in the Meteor Lake series and says more information about the changes will be revealed in the coming weeks. The news doesn’t necessarily confirm the use of the Core Ultra name, but multiple tweets suggest that the recent reports may be true.

The name Core Ultra is interesting in several ways. First of all, the use of the word Ultra has become a very popular term in technology branding. Apple uses this term for its M-series chips, and the M1 Ultra, for example, is one of the most powerful configurations of the M1-series system-on-a-chip, only used in Mac Studio.

If Intel produces the new 45-watt H-series chips under the Ultra name, it is not too far-fetched to imagine that it has other names in mind for the low-power chips. Will Team Blue follow Apple’s lead with Core Max and Core Pro? This possibility will happen, but it is still impossible to comment on it with certainty.

Even when it seems that Intel will use the same brand name as Apple chips, it is always difficult to understand the name of this company’s processors, and for example, the difference between H series and U series chips in terms of performance is huge. Meanwhile, the emphasis on Core i5 and Core i7 usually indicates less difference in performance.

to report Digital Trends, the first Meteor Lake chips, which is the code name of Intel’s 14th generation chips, will be released later this year, and a big change will be applied to their architecture. The Meteor Lake series will be the first Intel processors to use the chiplet design and will introduce the new Intel 4 process (formerly known as the 7nm process). The Meteor Lake series aims to deliver an even bigger generational leap in performance.

The change in the brand name of Intel processors occurs while The company recently reported its biggest quarterly loss ever for the first quarter of 2023.

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