Intel makes laptop charging perfect with Lunar Lake processors

Last year, Intel introduced the Raptor Lake architecture for desktop processors, and at CES 2023 we saw the unveiling of laptop chips based on this architecture. If all goes according to plan, the architectural blue team will introduce Meteor Lake as a replacement for Raptor Lake. After Meteor Lake, it will be Arrow Lake and then Lunar Lake. Wccftech It says that after a long period of silence, Intel has provided new details about the architecture of Lunar Lake.

The executive vice president of Intel’s CCG business says the Lunar Lake series processors will use an entirely new architecture and design. Lunar Lake is supposed to focus primarily on improving performance per watt in the laptop world. Intel says it will provide more details at its new financial conference in two weeks.

Last year, on the sidelines of the Hotchips conference, Intel said that the Lunar Lake series processors with a power of 15 watts will consume very little energy and will lead to the production of laptops with excellent charging. Lunar Lake architecture will use sub-20A lithography; An architecture that has not yet reached mass production.

Lunar Lake is supposed to be based on the chiplet design. In this design, several chips are placed on a single substrate. Some of the chips used in Lunar Lake will be made by other companies.

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