Intel is likely to release Raptor Lake Refresh chips next year

news agency Wccftech According to Enthusiast Citizen, Intel plans to release series CPUs in the coming years Make Raptor Lake Refresh and Meteor Lake and Arrow Lake available. Based on this, it is said that Intel is looking to unveil improved models of the 13th generation Raptor Lake processors in 2023.

It is said that the Raptor Lake refresh series processors will arrive in the third quarter of 2023. These processors will be based on the improved version of Intel’s 10nm lithography (10ESF) and will provide about 100 to 200 MHz more processing frequency than the Raptor Lake family.

Intel is expected to introduce the Core i9-13900KS processor as its latest flagship desktop CPU early next year. This processor will not be a member of the Raptor Lake Refresh family. The amount of frequency improvement in the Core i9-13900KS is not enough to make this processor provide much more power.

While Intel has denied any delay in the release of Meteor Lake processors, the Enthusiast Citizen account on the social network Bilibili says that these processors will arrive in 2024.

It is said that the number of high-power cores (P) will be reduced in Meteor Lake processors, but the number of low-power cores (E) will be the same as Raptor Lake. The most powerful Meteor Lake processor will have 22 cores (including 6 high-power cores and 16 low-power cores). The high-power Meteor Lake cores will be built with the new Redwood Cove microarchitecture, and the low-power cores will use the Crestmont microarchitecture. Crestmont is also a new microarchitecture.

According to rumors, the most powerful Meteor Lake processor also has an internal graphics unit with four cores based on the Xe architecture and offers 125 watts of power. Using four Xe cores means benefiting from 64 executive units or 512 calculation and logic units. Intel will produce another model of this 22-core processor with a power of 65 watts. Three other processors are attributed to the Meteor Lake family, two of which have a power of 35 watts and another one with a power of 65 watts, and all of them use four Xe cores.

The noteworthy point is that it is said that the Meteor Lake family does not have a Core i9 processor and the most powerful processor belongs to the Core i7 series. These processors will use 7nm Intel 4 lithography in the main processing unit. The graphics unit is made with TSMC’s five-nanometer lithography.

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Intel will make another family of processors available in 2024. In the Arrow Lake family, we will see 24-core flagships. It is likely that Arrow Lake series processors will be launched only in Core i7 and Core i9 models, they will use Intel 4 lithography in the main processing unit, and their graphics unit will be based on TSMC 3nm lithography. Most likely, Intel will not use the new 20A lithography in the Arrow Lake series.

According to Enthusiast Citizen, all Arrow Lake series processors have 24 cores and the difference between them comes down to power. These processors will also have four Xe graphics cores. It is likely that Intel will release Meteor Lake and Arrow Lake processors with a completely new socket.

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