Intel Arc A770 and Arc A750 coming soon to compete with Nvidia and AMD

Tom Patterson and Ryan Strutt, from Intel employees, in an interview with two magazines PC Games Hardware and Digital Foundry, while confirming that Intel desktop graphics are available in two models, they also provided more details about these flagship graphics. to report Videocardz, the Arc A770 and A750 graphics cards will be released simultaneously in the very near future. Blue Team confirmed that the Arc A770 graphics card as the flagship model supports 8GB and 16GB RAM and the Arc A750 graphics card also supports 8GB RAM.

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In this interview, Peterson put aside the advertising and marketing approach and honestly revealed the speed of Intel’s flagship graphics processor, the Arc A770. The A770 will offer performance between Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 3060 and GeForce RTX 3060 Ti GPUs, and will also be faster than AMD’s Radeon RX 6600XT. Arc Alchemist GPUs offer ray tracing performance similar to Nvidia’s Ampere architecture, but not quite as good as the RTX 3070.

Tom Patterson

Patterson admitted that the performance improvement of the A-series graphics in Intel’s Arc family will not be that dramatic, and that the family will go to market with few improvements. In fact, Intel cannot change the cost of graphics production, but it plans to offer these products at more controlled prices, which makes the A series able to compete in the market with graphics of the same category from two brands, Nvidia and AMD.

A770 in two 8GB and 16GB models

As Intel confirmed, the A770 graphics unit supports two configurations of 8GB and 16GB, and the Limited Edition version of this product will only be available in the 16GB configuration. A750 also uses 8 GB of RAM. Of course, there is a possibility that if Intel’s board of directors wants and approves, the A770 graphics card will be available only in the 8GB version.

If you don’t have ReBAR, choose other graphics

Intel’s Arc GPUs are optimized for large-scale, back-to-back transactions, and unfortunately can’t perform well on smaller transactions. As a result, Arc GPUs in systems that do not have intelligent memory access (Resizeable BAR or ReBAR) lose approximately 40% of their performance, and it is unlikely that this issue will change for the first generation Arc or Alchemist series GPUs.

Tom Patterson interview

Of course, Intel is still trying to reduce this problem in future architectures and optimize the driver for systems that do not support ReBAR, but if your system uses this useless feature and from older platforms, according to Peterson’s advice, it is better to Go to other graphics available in the market.

Limited supply of A770 and A750 and only in certain countries

According to Tom Patterson, the A770 and A750 graphics cards will be available for purchase on Intel’s website at launch, and the company plans to release its design alongside customized board-side graphics cards at the same time; However, Patterson did not specify which manufacturers Intel will work with. In addition, the mentioned graphics will be sold in some countries, including Germany, in the future.

Arc graphics delay and regret

Intel admitted that the initial release of the A3 series graphics cards from the Arc family in China was not a good idea and that the company did not perform well in its estimates. Patterson explained in this regard that the delays were not due to supply constraints, but due to the blue team not being ready.

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