Instagram will probably soon be able to build longer rails

If you’re also unhappy with Instagram’s 60-second time limit on making Reels, the good news is that, according to new reports, the social network intends to compete with TickTock to make it possible to build longer-lasting rails.

According to XDA, one of the revelators of Instagram news called Alessandro Palozi He announced that the social network is considering the possibility of creating longer rails. Instagram users can now create rails with a maximum time of 60 seconds; But this limitation will probably change in the near future, and it will be possible to make rails for up to 90 seconds.

Screenshots shared by Paloz show that when shooting Rails, there is a feature that allows the user to set the video limit to 90 seconds.

90-second Instagram Rails

Note that the ability to build 90-second rails is not yet available to all users, and Instagram has not officially confirmed the change. It is worth noting that the Rails feature initially only allowed the creation of 15-second videos, which was later changed to 30 seconds. In July of last year, we once again saw this limit change to 60 seconds.

We would not be surprised if Instagram increases the restrictions on videos for the Rails section; Because the main competitor of this social platform, TickTook, now allows its users to make videos with a very long time. In July last year, the service increased its video limit from 60 to 180 seconds.

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We still do not know exactly when Instagram will change the Rails limit to 90 seconds. Rails capability has gained a lot of popularity among Instagram users since its launch in 2020, and is very popular, especially in India; Where the ban on ticketing allowed Instagram to quickly become a great alternative to ticketing.

Instagram has recently added avatar support to its platform to compete with Snap’s bitmoji feature. This feature allows users to share their 3D avatars in stories and emails; Of course, this feature is currently only available in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

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