Instagram fined 405 million euros for violating children’s privacy

European Union regulatory agencies have decided to hit the social network with a back-breaking fine of 405 million euros after investigating an old complaint about Instagram’s misuse of children’s personal information. The aforementioned fine was imposed due to the violation of the “General Data Protection Regulation” (GDPR) of the European Union.

According to information obtained, the GDPR decision was communicated to Meta, the owner of Instagram, on Friday; But it has not yet been officially published on the website of regulatory organizations. However, according to Politico, the fine should be around $403 million. While confirming the amount of the fine, the DPC of Ireland has said:

The final decision was made last Friday and includes a fine of 405 million euros. More details about our decision will be released next week.

New fine GDPR It is the largest amount that the large social network Instagram has faced so far; Although the biggest fine in history GDPR It was previously owned by Amazon. It should be mentioned last September as well GDPR Another social network, a sub-category of Meta, had punished WhatsApp with a fine of 267 million dollars for violating the principles of transparency of the said organization.

A recent complaint against Instagram focused on the processing of children’s data for use in business accounts and user registration systems; In such a way that children’s accounts were set in public mode by default and the user had to make his account private in the application settings.

Rules GDPR It includes strict regulations for the protection of privacy and the care of children’s information, and requires companies to be transparent and responsible in the services they provide for children, and to explain the necessary points very simply for their age group. It is expected that the reason for Instagram’s fine will be officially announced next week; However, relevant information may be revealed sooner.

While the headlines of today’s news talk about Meta’s bad situation, Tik Tok is another social network that follows the news with concern; Because for some time, the examination of the way of managing children’s information by this company has also started. However, since Tik Tok’s investigation by regulatory organizations does not last more than a year, there is a long way to go until the final decision is made.

The review of the Instagram case was prolonged due to the objections of other regulatory organizations. The WhatsApp case also went through many protests and reviews for the same reason, which ultimately led to a significant increase in Meta’s fine. It should be seen whether this has happened to Instagram or not.

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