Inquire and pay for car violations online!

Vehicle violation inquiry by SMS

SMS is perhaps the easiest way to make a wrong inquiry. Without the need for the Internet, you can get a license by entering the vin number. This code is written on the vehicle card and green leaf of the vehicle. To use this method, you must text the vin code to 1101202020.

This method can be used to inquire about a car or motorcycle, and after sending a confirmation code, you will be sent an SMS for the amount.

The command code *#110 is also similar to the SMS method. After dialing this command code, it will ask you for the vin number, by sending it you can receive the car’s fault by SMS.

The problem with the SMS or command code method is that it does not provide the details of the violation and it is not possible to pay for the violation of the car individually. To pay, you need the bill ID and payment ID. By adding * to the end of the vin and sending it to 1101202020, you can get the bill ID and the payment ID and pay the total amount of fines at once.

Wrong query from Rahor site

Rahor 120 is a reference site that most drivers are familiar with. In the past, this site was the only way to inquire and pay for car defects online. But currently, many sites and programs have provided the possibility to inquire and pay for the car. One of the advantages of the Rahor 120 site is that it is free of charge. But its main problem is that it is offline, so that its information is updated with a delay of one or more weeks. This delay in the update is to prevent hacking and security problems, but the delay in the update causes the drivers to lose the opportunity to complain about the vehicle violation or not to pay their violation on time due to lack of information about the fines and double the fine. Or be fined for lateness.

This delay in updating even includes paying a fine. That is, if you pay your fine from the Rahor 120 site, you must wait until the next update of the site so that the fine is removed from the site.

Therefore, if you intend to buy and sell a car or want to clear the impounded car from the parking lot, do not use this method to settle the car violation.

Also, please note that you must register in the Sakha system to inquire about a vehicle violation from the Rahor website.

To register, you need the national code and mobile number of the car owner, and after entering the site and entering the 8 or 9-digit barcode on the car card, you can find out the details of the fines.

Wrong inquiry by phone

To inquire about a car or motorcycle violation by phone, you must call 02188288888. After dialing, you will be connected to the operator, who will announce the wrong total by reading the license plate number of the car or engine.

Inquiring about the car from the police +10

Apart from online ways and using different tools to inquire about car violations, there is also a face-to-face visit to police+10 as one of the ways to inquire about car and motorcycle violations. For this, just go to the nearest +10 police office and get a ticket by presenting the car card and paying the fee. The cost of criminal inquiry at police offices + 10 is 17500 Tomans.

In order to protest otherwise, you have to go through police+10 and there is no online way. Note that the deadline for protesting a car violation is 60 days, and fines such as submission, attachment, and refusal will be doubled if they are not paid within this period.

Also, cars with more than 3 million tomans in violation can be seized by the traffic police, so pay the violation on time to avoid the consequences.

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